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0000766011 Caledonia Mining Corp Plc false --12-31 FY 2023 2 75 10 10 15 15 5 5 10 10 4 4 10 10 4 4 3 3 6 6 65.677 12.82 4,425,797 12.82 441,095 12.82 256,152 12.82 10 3 1 3 0 3 0 10 0 0 6,105 20,945 1,000 1,000 1,900 176 2,400 0 0 4 1.71 2.12 101 0 3.14 3.29 10 5 350 0 4 3.8 5 5 3.5 3.4 3.5 3.5 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 7.25 0 0.11 0.12 0.13 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.5 2 0 0 6,179 6,683 8,700 5,329 48,149 36,597 217 561 142,082 0 0 0 0 Cost incurred by CHZ between the effective date ( August 1, 2022) and the commencement date of the oxide mining operations ( December 1, 2022) relating to administration and other general costs. These costs were incurred to maintain the operational integrity of the oxide mine and do not relate to direct costs of bringing the oxide mine to the location and condition necessary for it to be capable of operating in the manner intended by CHZ. Amount inclusive of $104 (2022: $354, 2021: $123) classified as production costs. Other expenses include impairment of plant and equipment of $26 for Blanket and $851 for the Bilboes oxide mine, as well as impairment of the solar VAT and duty receivable amounting to $720 for Blanket. Assessed losses of Greenstone Management Services (Pty) Ltd (UK) are not carried over and reset to zero each year. On December 7, 2021 a duty rebate on the importation of capital goods was granted to the Company in terms of the Customs and Excise General Regulations of 2001. However, the customs officials at Forbes Border Post rejected a rebate on solar cables despite presentation of a valid rebate letter. An appeal was made to the Commissioner of Taxes seeking the rebate and the outcome of the appeal was unfavourable. Interest paid on bank overdraft was $1,657 (2022: $192). Refer to note 6 for the effective shareholding. NCI has a 13.2% (2022: 13.2%, 2021: 13.2%) interest in cash flows of Blanket only. Accounted for under IAS19 Employee Benefits. In 2019 ZIMRA issued PN26 that was affected retrospectively from February 22, 2019. The public notice provided clarity on Section 4 (a) of the Finance Act [Chapter 23.04] of Zimbabwe, which required that the calculation of taxable income be performed in RTGS$ and that the payment of the tax be in the ratio of the currency that the taxable income and revenue is earned. The reconciling item reconciled the profit before tax calculated using US Dollars as the functional currency of the Zimbabwean entities to taxable income calculated in RTGS$. PN26 was superseded by Section 37AA of the Income Tax Act [Chapter 23:06] of Zimbabwe, which requires taxpayers to submit separate tax returns where any part of the income from trade or investment is earned in foreign currency. Section 37AA stated that the calculation of taxable income be expressed in foreign currency and RTGS$ and that the payment of the tax payable be made proportionately to reflect the percentage share of income earned in all foreign currencies and the percentage earned in Zimbabwe dollars. The section further provides that the RTGS$ should be converted to US$ using the average auction rate of exchange for the year of assessment, with the same being applicable to US$ amounts that need to be converted to RTGS$. Caledonia completed sufficient work to establish that the potential orebody at the Connemara North property would not meet Caledonia’s requirements in terms of size, grade and width. Accordingly, Caledonia did not exercise the option to acquire the property. The costs have been impaired to $Nil. Assessed losses of Bilboes of $3,763 was acquired during 2023. Bilboes Holdings was acquired on January 6, 2023. No production for 2022 and 2021. Employees, officers, directors, consultants and other service providers also participate in the OEICP (see note 12.1). Gross proceeds of $10,770 with a transaction cost of $846 were raised by issuing depository interests on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange Gross proceeds of $5,850 with a transaction cost of $205 were raised by issuing depository receipts on the VFEX. During quarter one of 2023, Mark Learmonth, Chief Executive Officer, and Toziyana Resources Limited, a company affiliated with Victor Gapare, executive Director of the Company, subscribed for 3,587 and 11,000 depositary interests respectively in the equity raise. The effective tax rate of 105.07% (2022: 42.31%) exceeds the statutory tax rates of subsidiaries of the Company, as certain expenditures are incurred by the Company that are not tax-deductible against taxable income in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where the enacted tax rates are 24.72% (2022: 24.72%) and 27.00% (2022: 28%) respectively. Facilitation loans are accounted for as equity instruments and are accordingly not recognised as loans receivable. Realised foreign exchange losses were predominantly recognised on bullion sales receivables, bank balances and RTGS$ VAT. Included in consumables stores is an amount of ($1,793) (2022: ($1,510)) for provision for obsolete stock for items that are not compatible with plant and equipment currently in use. After December 31, 2023 the RTGS$:USD conversion rate devalued from RTGS$ 6,105:USD 1 to RTGS$ 20,945:USD 1 on March, 25 2024. The devaluation in the exchange rate will devalue RTGS$-denominated monetary assets in quarter 1, of 2024. Cash of $2,456 (denominated in RTGS$) held by Blanket Mine was earmarked by Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe as a letter of credit in favour of CMSA. The letter of credit was issued by Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe on November 28, 2023 and settled in January, 2024. The cash on maturity was transferred to CMSA’s bank account, denominated in South African Rands. The Company entered into a consultancy agreement with SR Curtis, a director of the Company, effective July 1, 2022 until December 31, 2023 at a monthly fee of $44.1 from July 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022 and $12.5 from January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023. During the period ended December 31, 2023, the Company recorded $150 (2022: $265, 2021: $Nil) in consultancy fees. The Company has extended Mr. Curtis’ consultancy agreement until December 31, 2025 at a monthly fee of $12.5. Mr. Curtis is retiring as a director from the next annual general meeting (planned for May 7, 2024). Included is an amount of $647 (2022: $1,378, 2021: $1,011) that relates to bonuses provided or paid for in 2023. Included is an amount of $1,588 (2022: $54 (leave payout), 2021: $Nil) that relates to provision of a severance package payable in 2024 Included in the 2022 impairments are development asset costs of $8,518 that predominantly relates to prospective areas above 750 meters at Blanket which are not included in the LoMP. Also included in the 2022 impairments are generator cost of $791 and loader bottom decks at a cost of $101; these assets were no longer in working condition. The carrying amount for these impaired assets were impaired to $Nil. The solar plant was fully commissioned on February 2, 2023 and the sale agreement between Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc and Caledonia Mining Services (Private) Limited was concluded for the sale of the solar plant. Depreciation on the solar plant commenced on February 2, 2023 and the power purchase agreement, between Caledonia Mining Services (Private) Limited and Blanket Mine, became effective. From September 28, 2023 the solar plant is classified as held for sale. In December 2022, the Caledonia board approved a proposal for Caledonia Mining Services (Private) Limited (which owns the solar plant) to issue loan notes pursuant to a loan note instrument (“bonds”) up to a value of $12 million. The decision was taken in order to optimise the capital structure of the Group and provide additional debt instruments to the Zimbabwean financial market. Refer to note 30.2 for more information on these loan notes. The net deferred tax liability consists of a deferred tax asset of $153 (2022: $202) from the South African operation and a net deferred tax liability of $6,131 (2022: $5,123) due to the Zimbabwean operation. The amounts are in different tax jurisdictions and cannot be offset. The amounts are presented as part of non-current assets and non-current liabilities in the statements of financial position. The deferred tax asset recognised is supported by evidence of probable future taxable income. Included in additions is the change in estimate for the decommissioning asset of $1,962 (2022: ($468)) Accumulated depreciation and depreciation under Assets under construction and decommissioning assets include depreciation on decommissioning assets. Intermediated Money Transfer Tax ("IMTT”) is tax chargeable in Zimbabwe on transfer of physical money, electronically or by any other means, between two or more persons. IMTT is levied at a rate of 2% on RTGS$ denominated transactions and 1% on local foreign currency denominated transactions and outbound foreign payments. The tax rate in Jersey, Channel Islands is 0% (2022: 0%, 2021: 0%). Other expenses include impairment of plant and equipment of $8,209 for Blanket, as well as impairment of the Connemara North of $720. On June 27, 2023 the decision was taken to place the Bilboes oxide mine on care and maintenance as the cost related to removing the waste and accessing the orebody could exceed the benefit from the gold revenues to be received. The impairment loss that was recognised amounted to a carrying value of $851 on impairing the Bilboes oxide asset classified under mine development, infrastructure and other. Mining and metallurgical processing continued at the Bilboes oxide mine until the end of September 2023 when the contract miner's notice period came to an end. Leaching of material that has already been deposited on the leach pad will continue while the revenue from these activities contributes to the cost of the asset. Oxide mining and processing will resume when the stripping of the waste for the sulphide project commences and can be economically justified. BETS and the Community Trust are consolidated as structured entities. Gold work in progress balance as at December 31, 2023 consists of 3,057 ounces (2022: 1,123 ounces). 00007660112023-01-012023-12-31 xbrli:shares 00007660112023-12-31 0000766011dei:BusinessContactMember2023-01-012023-12-31 thunderdome:item iso4217:USD 00007660112022-01-012022-12-31 00007660112021-01-012021-12-31 iso4217:USDxbrli:shares 00007660112022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2020-12-31 00007660112020-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2021-12-31 00007660112021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfExchangeDifferencesOnTranslationMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CapitalReserveMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ReserveOfSharebasedPaymentsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RetainedEarningsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EquityAttributableToOwnersOfParentMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncontrollingInterestsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2021-01-012021-12-31 xbrli:pure 0000766011cmcl:FidelityPrintersMember2023-12-31 utr:D 0000766011cmcl:FidelityPrintersMember2023-01-012023-12-31 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0000766011cmcl:September92020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September92020Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September92020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September142020Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September142020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September142020Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September142020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October52020Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October52020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October52020Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October52020Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May142021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May142021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May142021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May142021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June142021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June142021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June142021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June142021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August132021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August132021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August132021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August132021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September62021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September62021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September62021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September62021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September202021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September202021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September202021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September202021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October112021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October112021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October112021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October112021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:November122021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:November122021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:November122021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:November122021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:December12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:December12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:December12021Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:December12021Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January112022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January122022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January122022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January122022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:January122022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May132022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May132022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May132022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May132022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:July12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:July12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:July12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:July12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12022Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October12022Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April72023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April72023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April72023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:April72023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May152023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May152023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May152023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:May152023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June12023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June72023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June72023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June72023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:June72023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August102023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August102023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August102023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:August102023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:September12023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October32023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October32023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October32023Membercmcl:RestrictedStockUnitsRsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:October32023Membercmcl:PerformanceShareUnitsPsusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2022-01-24 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2023-04-07 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2022-01-242022-01-24 0000766011cmcl:EquitysettledPerformanceUnitsEpusMember2023-04-072023-04-07 0000766011cmcl:ShareOptionProgramsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ShareOptionProgramsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ShareOptionProgramsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ShareOptionProgramsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 00007660112019-02-20 00007660112021-12-012021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AbnormallyLargeChangesInAssetPricesOrForeignExchangeRatesMember2024-01-01 0000766011ifrs-full:AbnormallyLargeChangesInAssetPricesOrForeignExchangeRatesMember2024-03-25 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOption1Member2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOption1Member2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOption1Member2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CapAndCollarOptionsAndCallOptionsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CapAndCollarOptionsAndCallOptionsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CapAndCollarOptionsAndCallOptionsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsTransactionCostsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsTransactionCostsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsTransactionCostsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldEtfMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldEtfMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldEtfMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DerivativeAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DerivativeAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DerivativeAssetsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsAcquisitionsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsAcquisitionsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsAcquisitionsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-12-19 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-12-192023-12-19 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-09-29 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-09-292023-09-29 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-10-062023-10-06 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-05-22 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2023-05-222023-05-22 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2022-12-22 0000766011cmcl:PutOption1Member2022-12-222022-12-22 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOfPutOptionsToHedgeMembercmcl:PutOption1Member2024-03-07 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOfPutOptionsToHedgeMembercmcl:PutOption1Member2024-03-072024-03-07 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOfPutOptionsToHedgeMembercmcl:PutOption1Member2024-04-10 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOfPutOptionsToHedgeMembercmcl:PutOption1Member2024-04-102024-04-10 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOption1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOption1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CapAndCollarOptionsAndCallOptionsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CapAndCollarOptionsAndCallOptionsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-09-23 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-10-06 0000766011cmcl:PurchaseOptionMember2023-09-232023-09-23 0000766011ifrs-full:TopOfRangeMember2023-09-29 0000766011ifrs-full:TopOfRangeMember2023-10-06 00007660112023-10-26 00007660112023-10-012023-10-31 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2021-12-132021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:CallOption1Member2021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2022-03-31 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMember2021-12-132021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:CallOption1Member2021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:GoldLoanAgreementMember2021-12-13 0000766011cmcl:ZeroCostContractToHedge20000OuncesOfGoldMember2022-02-17 utr:M 0000766011cmcl:ZeroCostContractToHedge20000OuncesOfGoldMember2022-02-172022-02-17 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-03-09 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-03-092022-03-09 0000766011ifrs-full:AbnormallyLargeChangesInAssetPricesOrForeignExchangeRatesMembercmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-05-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AbnormallyLargeChangesInAssetPricesOrForeignExchangeRatesMembercmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-07-31 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-04-30 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-04-30 0000766011cmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-04-012022-04-30 0000766011cmcl:AurametInternationalLLCMembercmcl:CallOptionsToHedgeOuncesOfGoldMember2022-04-012022-04-30 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaLoanNotesPayableMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaLoanNotesPayableMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaLoanNotesPayableMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MiningMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MiningMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MiningMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ServicesMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ServicesMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ServicesMembercmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningServicesLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningServicesLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningServicesLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnusedTaxLossesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnusedTaxLossesMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnusedTaxLossesMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweAreaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweAreaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweAreaMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011country:ZA2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011country:ZA2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011country:ZA2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:JerseyChannelIslandsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:JerseyChannelIslandsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:JerseyChannelIslandsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2023-11-302023-11-30 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMemberifrs-full:ChangesInTaxRatesOrTaxLawsEnactedOrAnnouncedMember2024-01-012024-01-01 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-01-012023-03-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-04-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMemberifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMemberifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayables1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayables1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:TradeAndOtherPayables1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:TradeAndOtherPayables1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:ProvisionsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:ProvisionsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OtherTemporaryDifferences1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OtherTemporaryDifferences1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:OtherTemporaryDifferences1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMembercmcl:OtherTemporaryDifferences1Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NetTaxAssetsLiabilitiesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OtherMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OtherMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OtherMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PropertyPlantAndEquipmentDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AllowanceForObsoleteStockDeferredTaxAssetMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PrepaymentsDeferredTaxLiabilityMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:UnrealisedForeignExchangeGainsLossesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionsMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ConnemaraNorthMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GGMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SabiwaMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AbercornMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ValentineMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ConnemaraNorthMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GGMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SabiwaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AbercornMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ValentineMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ConnemaraNorthMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GGMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SabiwaMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AbercornMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ValentineMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ConnemaraNorthMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GGMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SabiwaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AbercornMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ValentineMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ConnemaraNorthMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GGMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SabiwaMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AbercornMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ValentineMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-11-01 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-11-09 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2021-11-032021-11-03 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2021-11-03 utr:ha 0000766011cmcl:MaligreenMember2022-11-07 utr:GT 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:GrossCarryingAmountMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ConstructionInProgressMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ConstructionInProgressMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DevelopmentAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:PowerGeneratingAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:LoaderBottomDecksMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ImpairedAssetsMember2022-12-31 00007660112023-06-27 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMember2021-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMemberifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMembercmcl:SolarPlantMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:AccumulatedDepreciationAmortisationAndImpairmentMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarPlantMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LandAndBuildingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:RightofuseAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AssetsUnderConstructionAndDecommissioningAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:FixturesAndFittingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MotorVehiclesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarPlantMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:BottomOfRangeMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:TopOfRangeMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:BottomOfRangeMember2015-08-012015-08-31 0000766011ifrs-full:TopOfRangeMember2015-08-012015-08-31 00007660112023-01-012023-03-31 00007660112023-04-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MiningAssetsMember2023-04-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PlantAndEquipmentMember2023-04-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NoncashItemsExcludedFromPropertyPlantAndEquipmentMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NoncashItemsExcludedFromPropertyPlantAndEquipmentMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NotLaterThanOneYearMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:NotLaterThanOneYearMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LaterThanOneYearAndNotLaterThanTwoYearsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LaterThanOneYearAndNotLaterThanTwoYearsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LaterThanTwoYearsAndNotLaterThanThreeYearsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:LaterThanTwoYearsAndNotLaterThanThreeYearsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMembercmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMembercmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMembercmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMembercmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-12-31 iso4217:ZWL 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMembercmcl:LetterOfCredit1Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftFacilityOfStanbicBankRtgMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftFacilityOfStanbicBankUsdMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftFacilityOfEcobankMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NedbankZimbabweMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:NedbankZimbabweTermLoanMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftFacilityForCABSBankOfZimbabweMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-09-28 0000766011ifrs-full:NoncurrentAssetsOrDisposalGroupsClassifiedAsHeldForSaleMembercmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-09-282023-09-28 0000766011ifrs-full:OrdinarySharesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:PreferenceSharesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMembercmcl:PaymentsToEmployeesMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMembercmcl:PaymentsToEmployeesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AssetsOfBilboesGoldLimitedMemberifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DepositoryReceiptsOnAimMemberifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:DepositoryReceiptsOnVfexMemberifrs-full:IssuedCapitalMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MLearmonthMember2023-01-012023-03-31 0000766011cmcl:VGapareMember2023-01-012023-03-31 0000766011cmcl:OptionsOutOfTheMoneyMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OptionsOutOfTheMoneyMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OptionsOutOfTheMoneyMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBlanketMineMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBlanketMineMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBlanketMineMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBlanketMineMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBlanketMineMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMaligreenAndBilboesMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMaligreenAndBilboesMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMaligreenMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMaligreenMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBilboesHoldingsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBilboesHoldingsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMaligreenAndBilboesMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBilboesHoldingsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForBilboesHoldingsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMaligreenMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMaligreenMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ProvisionForDecommissioningRestorationAndRehabilitationCostsForMotapaAndMaligreenMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2022-11-01 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-03-312023-03-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-06-302023-06-30 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2023-07-032023-07-03 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMemberifrs-full:AtFairValueMember2022-11-01 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMemberifrs-full:AtFairValueMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMemberifrs-full:AtFairValueMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2023-02-02 0000766011cmcl:SolarLoanNotesFebruary22023Member2023-02-022023-02-02 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaLoanNotesApril2024Membercmcl:IssuanceOfBorrowingsMember2024-04-30 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaLoanNotesApril2024Membercmcl:IssuanceOfBorrowingsMember2024-04-302024-04-30 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0000766011cmcl:PutOptionDerivativeMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:PutOptionDerivativeMember2022-01-012022-12-31 iso4217:ZAR 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Memberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Memberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:UsdMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:UsdMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:ZarMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:ZarMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:GbpMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:GbpMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:CadMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:CadMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherReceivablesMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherReceivablesMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMembercmcl:RtgsMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherReceivablesMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherReceivablesMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TradeAndOtherPayablesMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMemberifrs-full:CurrencyRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Memberifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Memberifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMemberifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:TermLoanAndBankOverdraftMemberifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:InterestRateRiskMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:InterestRateRiskIncreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:InterestRateRiskIncreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:InterestRateRiskDecreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CashAndCashEquivalents1Membercmcl:InterestRateRiskDecreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftsMembercmcl:InterestRateRiskIncreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftsMembercmcl:InterestRateRiskIncreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftsMembercmcl:InterestRateRiskDecreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:OverdraftsMembercmcl:InterestRateRiskDecreaseBy100BasisPointsMember2022-12-31 00007660112021-01-142021-01-14 00007660112021-04-152021-04-15 00007660112021-07-152021-07-15 00007660112021-10-142021-10-14 00007660112022-01-132022-01-13 00007660112022-04-182022-04-18 00007660112022-07-142022-07-14 00007660112022-10-132022-10-13 00007660112022-12-302022-12-30 00007660112023-04-032023-04-03 00007660112023-06-292023-06-29 00007660112023-09-282023-09-28 0000766011ifrs-full:LegalProceedingsContingentLiabilityMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ContingentLiabilityArisingFromTerminationMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ContingentLiabilityArisingFromTerminationMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ContingentLiabilityArisingFromTerminationMember2021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SRCurtisMember2022-07-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SRCurtisMemberifrs-full:EnteringIntoSignificantCommitmentsOrContingentLiabilitiesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SRCurtisMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SRCurtisMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SRCurtisMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:VGapareMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaHoldingsZimbabwePrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 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0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningSouthAfricaProprietaryLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningSouthAfricaProprietaryLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:GreenstoneManagementServicesHoldingsLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMine1983PrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketEmployeeTrustServicesPrivateLimitedBetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMiningCompanyUKLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMiningCompanyUKLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMiningCompanyUKLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:MotapaMiningCompanyUKLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ArraskarInvestmentsPrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ArraskarInvestmentsPrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ArraskarInvestmentsPrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ArraskarInvestmentsPrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesGoldLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesGoldLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesGoldLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesGoldLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesHoldingsPrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningFzcoMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningFzcoMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningFzcoMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMiningFzcoMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaConnemaraPrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaConnemaraPrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaConnemaraPrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaConnemaraPrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMaligreenPrivateLimitedMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMaligreenPrivateLimitedMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMaligreenPrivateLimitedMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaMaligreenPrivateLimitedMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaBilboesAndMotapaPrivateMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaBilboesAndMotapaPrivateMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaBilboesAndMotapaPrivateMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:CaledoniaBilboesAndMotapaPrivateMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EliminationOfIntersegmentAmountsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MaterialReconcilingItemsMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BilboesMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EliminationOfIntersegmentAmountsMember2023-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MaterialReconcilingItemsMember2023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EliminationOfIntersegmentAmountsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MaterialReconcilingItemsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:BlanketMineMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:SouthAfricanOperationsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:EvaluationAndExplorationAssetsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:EliminationOfIntersegmentAmountsMember2022-12-31 0000766011ifrs-full:MaterialReconcilingItemsMember2022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:FidelityPrintersMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:FidelityPrintersMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:FidelityPrintersMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AegMember2023-01-012023-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AegMember2022-01-012022-12-31 0000766011cmcl:AegMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000766011cmcl:ZimbabweanOperationsMember2021-01-012021-12-31



Washington, D.C. 20549












For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023












Date of event requiring this shell company report ……………………………………………


For the transition period from ……………………………… to ………………………………


Commission file number 001-38164


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc

(Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter)


Jersey, Channel Islands

(Jurisdiction of incorporation or organization)


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc

B006 Millais House, Castle Quay, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3EF

(Address of principal executive offices)


Mark Learmonth, +44 1534 679 800, mlearmonth@caledoniamining.com, B006 Millais House, Castle Quay, St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands, JE2 3EF.

(Name, telephone, email and/or facsimile number and address of Company Contact Person)


Securities registered or to be registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act:


Title of Class

Trading Symbol(s)

Name of Each Exchange on Which Registered

Common Shares, no par value


NYSE American LLC


Securities registered or to be registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Act: None


Securities for which there is a reporting obligation pursuant to Section 15(d) of the Act: None




Indicate the number of outstanding shares of each of the issuer’s classes of capital or stock as of the closing of the period covered by the annual report:


19,188,073 (“Common shares” or “shares”) as of December 31, 2023


Indicate by check mark if the registration is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act.


☐Yes          ☒ No


If this report is an annual or transition report, indicate by check mark if the registrant is not required to file reports pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


☐Yes          ☒ No


Indicate by check mark whether the Registrant (1) has filed all reports required to be filed by Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the Registrant was required to file such reports) and (2) has been subject to such filing requirements for the past 90 days.


Yes ☐ No


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has submitted electronically every Interactive Data File required to be submitted pursuant to Rule 405 of Regulation S-T (§232.405 of this chapter) during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to submit such files).


Yes ☐ No


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, and/or an emerging growth company. See definition of “large accelerated filer,” “accelerated filer,” and “emerging growth company” in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act:


Large accelerated filer ☐

Accelerated filer ☒ 

Non-accelerated filer ☐

Emerging growth company


If an emerging growth company that prepares its financial statements in accordance with U.S. GAAP, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards† provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act. 


† The term “new or revised financial accounting standard” refers to any update issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to its Accounting Standards Codification after April 5, 2012.


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has filed a report on and attestation to its management’s assessment of the effectiveness of its internal control over financial reporting under Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (15 U.S.C. 7262(b)) by the registered public accounting firm that prepared or issued its audit report. 






If securities are registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act, indicate by check mark whether the financial statements of the registrant included in the filing reflect the correction of an error to previously issued financial statements


Indicate by check mark whether any of those error corrections are restatements that required a recovery analysis of incentive-based compensation received by any of the registrant’s executive officers during the relevant recovery period pursuant to §240.10D-1(b). ☐


Indicate by check mark which basis of accounting the registrant has used to prepare the financial statements included in this filing:



International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards



If “Other” has been checked in response to the previous question, indicate by check mark which financial statement item the registrant has elected to follow:


Item 17 ☐          Item 18 ☐


If this is an annual report, indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a shell company (as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act).


Yes          ☒ No


















A.  [Reserved]


B.  Capitalization and Indebtedness


C.  Reasons for the Offer and Use of Proceeds


D.  Risk Factors




4.A. History and Development of the Company


B. Business Overview


C. Organizational Structure


D. Property, Plant and Equipment and Exploration and evaluation assets






A. Operating Results


B. Liquidity and Capital Resources


C. Research and development, patents and licenses, etc.


D. Trend Information


E. Critical Accounting Estimates




A. Directors and Senior Management


B. Compensation


C. Board Practices


D. Employees


E. Share Ownership


F. Disclosure of Registrant’s Action to Recover Erroneously Awarded Compensation




A. Major Shareholders


B. Related Party Transactions


C. Interests of Experts and Counsel




A. Consolidated Statements and Other Financial Information


B. Significant Changes




A. Offering and Listing Details





B. Plan of Distribution


C. Markets


D. Selling Shareholders


E. Dilution


F. Expenses of the Issue




A. Share Capital


B. Memorandum and Articles of Association


C. Material Contracts


D. Exchange Controls


E. Taxation


F. Dividends and Paying Agents


G. Statement by Experts


H. Documents on Display


I. Subsidiary Information


J. Annual Report to Security Holders




A. Currency Risk


B. Sensitivity Analysis


C. Concentration of Credit Risk


D. Liquidity Risk


E. Market Risk - Interest Rate Risk




A. to C.










A. to D.


E. Use of Proceeds




A. Disclosure Controls and Procedures


B. Management’s annual report on internal control over financial reporting


C. Attestation report of registered public accounting firm


D. Changes in internal controls over financial reporting



































































This Annual Report on Form 20-F ("Annual Report") and the exhibits attached hereto contain "forward-looking information" and “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and applicable Canadian securities legislation that involve risks and uncertainties relating, but not limited to, the Company’s current expectations, intentions, plans, and beliefs. Forward-looking information can often be identified by forward-looking words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “expect”, “goal”, “plan”, “target”, “intend”, “estimate”, “could”, “should”, “may” and “will” or the negative of these terms or similar words suggesting future outcomes, or other expectations, beliefs, plans, objectives, assumptions, intentions or statements about future events or performance. Examples of forward-looking information in this Annual Report include: our mineral reserve and mineral resource calculations with underlying assumptions, production guidance, estimates of future/targeted production rates, planned mill capacity increases, estimates of future metallurgical recovery rates and the ability to maintain high metallurgical recovery rates, Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc and subsidiaries (“Caledonia” or “Company” or “Group”) plans and timing regarding further exploration, drilling and development, the prospective nature of exploration and development targets, the ability to upgrade and convert mineral reserves and mineral resources, capital costs, our intentions with respect to financial position and third party financing and future dividend payments. This forward-looking information is based, in part, on assumptions and factors that may change or prove to be incorrect, thus causing actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by forward-looking information. Such factors and assumptions include, but are not limited to: failure to establish estimated mineral reserves and mineral resources, the grade and recovery of ore which is mined varying from estimates, success of future exploration and drilling programs, reliability of drilling, sampling and assay data, assumptions regarding the representativeness of mineralization being inaccurate, success of planned metallurgical test-work, capital and operating costs varying significantly from estimates, delays in obtaining or failures to obtain required governmental, environmental or other project approvals, changes in government regulations, legislation and rates of taxation, inflation, changes in exchange rates and the availability of foreign exchange, fluctuations in commodity prices, delays in the development of projects and other factors.


Shareholders, potential shareholders and other prospective investors should be aware that these statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those suggested by the forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to: risks relating to estimates of mineral reserves and mineral resources proving to be inaccurate, fluctuations in gold price, risks and hazards associated with the business of mineral exploration, development and mining (including environmental hazards, industrial accidents, unusual or unexpected geological or structural formations, pressures, power outages, explosions, landslides, cave-ins and flooding), risks relating to the credit worthiness or financial condition of suppliers, refiners and other parties with whom the Company does business; inadequate insurance, or inability to obtain insurance, to cover these risks and hazards, employee relations; relationships with and claims by local communities and indigenous populations; political risk; risks related to natural disasters, terrorism, civil unrest, public health concerns (including health epidemics or outbreaks of communicable diseases such as the coronavirus); availability and increasing costs associated with mining inputs and labor; the speculative nature of mineral exploration and development, including the risks of obtaining or maintaining necessary licenses and permits, diminishing quantities or grades of mineral reserves and mineral resources as mining occurs; global financial condition, the actual results of current exploration activities, changes to conclusions of economic evaluations, and changes in project parameters to deal with un-anticipated economic or other factors, risks of increased capital and operating costs, environmental, safety or regulatory risks, expropriation, the Company’s title to properties including ownership thereof, increased competition in the mining industry for properties, equipment, qualified personnel and their costs, risks relating to the uncertainty of timing of events including targeted production rate increase and currency fluctuations. Shareholders, potential shareholders and other prospective investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information. By its nature, forward-looking information involves numerous assumptions, inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, that contribute to the possibility that the predictions, forecasts, projections and various future events will not occur. Caledonia reviews forward-looking information for the purposes of preparing each annual report, however Caledonia undertakes no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any forward-looking information whether as a result of new information, future events or other such factors which affect this information, except as required by law. For the reasons set forth above, investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.






We are an “emerging growth company” as defined in Section 3(a) of the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”) by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (the "JOBS Act"), and we may take advantage of certain exemptions from various reporting requirements that are applicable to other public companies that are not emerging growth companies. We will continue to qualify as an "emerging growth company" until the earliest to occur of: (a) the last day of the fiscal year during which we had total annual gross revenues of US$1,235,000,000 (as such amount is indexed for inflation every 5 years by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) or more; (b) the last day of our fiscal year following the fifth anniversary of the date of the first sale of equity securities pursuant to an effective registration statement under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”); (c) the date on which we have, during the previous 3-year period, issued more than US$1,000,000,000 in non-convertible debt; or (d) the date on which we are deemed to be a "large accelerated filer", as defined in Exchange Act Rule 12b-2. We expect to continue to be an emerging growth company for the immediate future. During 2020 Caledonia completed the first sale of equity securities under the Securities Act and may no longer qualify as an emerging growth company in 2026. Refer to note 25 in the Consolidated Financial Statements for detail on the sales of equity securities.


Generally, a registrant that registers any class of its securities under Section 12 of the Exchange Act is required to include in the second and all subsequent annual reports filed by it under the Exchange Act a management report on internal control over financial reporting and, subject to an exemption available to registrants that are neither an "accelerated filer" or a "larger accelerated filer" (as those terms are defined in Exchange Act Rule 12b-2), an auditor attestation report on management's assessment of internal control over financial reporting. However, for so long as we continue to qualify as an emerging growth company, we will be exempt from the requirement to include an auditor attestation report on management’s assessment of internal controls over financial reporting in its annual reports filed under the Exchange Act, even if we were to qualify as an "accelerated filer" or a "larger accelerated filer". In addition, Section 103(a)(3) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (the “Sarbanes-Oxley Act”) has been amended by the JOBS Act to provide that, among other things, auditors of an emerging growth company are exempt from any rules of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board requiring a supplement to the auditor’s report in which the auditor would be required to provide additional information about the audit and the financial statements of the company.




Links to external, or third-party websites, are provided solely for convenience. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any third-party information contained in such third-party websites, and we specifically disclaim adoption or incorporation by reference of such information into this report.




This Annual Report contains financial statements of the Company prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (“IFRS”).  In addition, this Annual Report also contains non-IFRS financial measures (“Non-IFRS Measures”) including “on-mine cost per ounce”, “all-in sustaining cost per ounce”, “all-in cost per ounce”, “average realized gold price” and “adjusted earnings per share” as we believe these are useful metrics for measuring our performance. However, these Non-IFRS Measures do not have any standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS and are not necessarily comparable to similar measures presented by other publicly traded entities. These measures should be considered as supplemental in nature and not as a substitute for related financial information prepared in accordance with IFRS.




Unless otherwise indicated, all references to “$”, “US dollars”. “USD”, or "US$" are to United States of America dollars.






We are considered a “foreign private issuer” pursuant to Rule 405 promulgated under the Securities Act. In our capacity as a foreign private issuer, we are exempt from certain rules under the Exchange Act that impose certain disclosure obligations and procedural requirements for proxy solicitations under Section 14 of the Exchange Act. In addition, our officers, directors and principal shareholders are exempt from the reporting and “short-swing” profit recovery provisions of Section 16 of the Exchange Act and the rules under the Exchange Act with respect to their purchases and sales of our shares. Moreover, we are not required to file periodic reports and financial statements with the SEC as frequently or as promptly as United States companies whose securities are registered under the Exchange Act. In addition, we are not required to comply with Regulation FD, which restricts the selective disclosure of material information.


For as long as we are a “foreign private issuer” we intend to file our annual financial statements on Form 20-F and furnish our quarterly financial statements on Form 6-K to the SEC for so long as we are subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13(g) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act. However, the information we file or furnish may not be the same as the information that is required in annual and quarterly reports on Form 10-K or Form 10-Q for U.S. domestic issuers. Accordingly, there may be less information publicly available concerning us than there is for a company that files as a domestic issuer.


We may take advantage of these exemptions until such time as we are no longer a foreign private issuer. We are required to determine our status as a foreign private issuer on an annual basis at the end of our second fiscal quarter. We would cease to be a foreign private issuer at such time as more than 50% of our outstanding voting securities are held by United States residents and any of the following three circumstances applies: (1) the majority of our executive officers or directors are United States citizens or residents; (2) more than 50% of our assets are located in the United States; or (3) our business is administered principally in the United States. If we lose our “foreign private issuer status” we would be required to comply with Exchange Act reporting and other requirements applicable to U.S. domestic issuers, which are more detailed and extensive than the requirement for “foreign private issuers”.














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B.  Capitalization and Indebtedness


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C.  Reasons for the Offer and Use of Proceeds


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D.  Risk Factors


An investment in our shares involves a high degree of risk and should be considered speculative. You should carefully consider the following risks set out below and other information before investing in our shares. If any event arising from these risks occurs, our business, prospects, financial condition, results of operations or cash flows could be adversely affected, the trading price of our shares could decline and all or part of any investment may be lost.


Our operations are highly speculative due to the high-risk nature of our business, which include the acquisition, financing, exploration, development of mineral infrastructure and operation of mines. The risks and uncertainties set out below are not the only ones we face. Additional risks and uncertainties not currently known to us or that we currently deem immaterial may also impair our operations. If any of the risks actually occur, our business, financial condition and operating results could be adversely affected. As a result, the trading price of our shares could decline and investors could lose part or all of their investment. Our business is subject to significant risks and past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


Our shares may not continue to be listed on the NYSE American LLC (NYSE American)


Failure to meet the applicable maintenance requirements of the NYSE American could result in our shares being delisted from the NYSE American. If we are delisted from the NYSE American, our shares may be eligible for trading on an over-the-counter market in the United States.  In the event that we are not able to obtain a listing on another U.S. stock exchange or quotation service for our shares, it may be extremely difficult or impossible for shareholders to sell their shares in the United States.  Moreover, if we are delisted from the NYSE American, but obtain a substitute listing for our shares in the United States, it may be on a market with less liquidity, and therefore potentially more price volatility, than the NYSE American. Shareholders may not be able to sell their shares on any such substitute U.S. market in the quantities, at the times, or at the prices that could potentially be available on a more liquid trading market.  As a result of these factors, if our shares are delisted from the NYSE American, the price of our shares is likely to decline. In addition, a decline in the price of our shares will impair our ability to obtain financing in the future.






Future sales of our shares into the public market by holders of our options may lower the market price, which may result in losses to our shareholders.


As of April 26, 2024, we had 19,194,860 shares issued and outstanding. In addition, as of April 28, 2024, 20,000 shares were issuable upon exercise of outstanding stock options, all of which may be exercised in the future resulting in dilution to our shareholders. Awards under the incentive plan made to executives and certain other senior members of management on January 24, 2022, April 7, 2023 and April 8, 2024, consisting of a target of 113,693,80,7732 and 125,433 Equity-settled Performance Units (“EPUs”) respectively, are only to be settled in shares. The EPUs that vest will be subject to a performance multiplier and a maximum amount of 150% of target EPUs could vest. Accordingly, providing for such a maximum amount, Caledonia could grant options on a further 1,419,638 shares as at the date of this Annual Report on the assumption that all other outstanding awards (other than the options mentioned above) are settled in cash at the request of the holders. As of April 28, 2024, our senior officers and directors beneficially owned or had an interest in, as a group, 2,861,550 shares (14.91% of our issued share capital). Sales of substantial amounts of our shares into the public market, by our officers or directors or pursuant to the exercise of options, or even the perception by the market that such sales may occur, may lower the market price of our shares.


The price of gold is subject to volatility and may have a significant effect on our future activities and profitability.


The economic viability of our revenues, operations and exploration and development projects is, and is expected to be, heavily dependent on the price of gold, which is particularly subject to fluctuation and has fluctuated significantly in recent years. The price of gold is affected by numerous factors beyond our control including, but not limited to: international economic and political conditions; expectations of inflation; international currency exchange rates; interest rates; global or regional consumption patterns; speculative activities; levels of supply and demand; increased production due to new mine developments and improved mining and production methods; availability and costs of metal substitutes; and inventory carrying costs. The effect of these factors on the price of gold, and therefore the economic viability of our operations, cannot be accurately predicted. As required by Zimbabwean legislation, Blanket Mine (1983) (Private) Limited (“Blanket”), the company which owns the Blanket mine (“Blanket Mine”), Caledonia Holdings Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (“CHZ”), as agent, and Bilboes Holdings (Private) Limited (“Bilboes Holdings”) deliver their production to Fidelity Printers and Refiners Limited (“Fidelity”), which refines the gold to a purity of 99.5%. 75% of the gold delivered to Fidelity is refined on a toll-treatment basis.  For the 75% portion Caledonia retains ownership of the gold that is then exported by Caledonia to a refiner of its choice outside Zimbabwe which undertakes further processing and sells the resulting gold on the international market. 


75% of the portion of unrefined metals produced by Blanket and exported by Caledonia to Al Etihad Gold Refinery DMCC (“AEG”),from April of 2023 on the toll refinement basis, is transported by Ferrari Logistics Southern Africa (Proprietary) Limited to AEG in Dubai, UAE and further refined and sold by AEG at a cost of $7 per ounce. Gold transported throughout this process is fully insured. The sales to AEG are priced at the London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) post-delivery price less refining fee and the quantities are determined on the lodgment date. Settlement occurs within 2 days from AEG.


25% of Blanket's gold is sold to Fidelity at a price which reflects the prevailing LBMA price and the official Zimbabwe Gold (“ZiG”) or Zimbabwean real-time gross settlement, bond notes or bond coins (“RTGS$”)/USD exchange rate on the date of sale.  Fidelity charges a 1.24% toll refining fee from the gross export proceeds. Fidelity collects a 5% royalty of which 50% is remitted to the Government of Zimbabwe in physical gold. The royalty is deducted from USD and RTG$ revenues proportionately. Settlement occurs within 14 days of delivery from Fidelity.





To hedge against negative gold prices, Caledonia hedges by way of purchasing out of the money put options. During 2023 and to the date of this Annual Report, the following hedges were purchased:


Purchase date

Ounces hedged

Strike price

Period of hedge


December 22, 2022

16,672 oz


December 2022 - May 2023

May 22, 2023

28,000 oz


June - December 2023

December 19, 2023

12,000 oz


January - March 2024

March 7, 2024

12,000 oz


April to June 2024

April 1, 2024



July – September 2024


Hedged ounces entered approximates the cash flow effect of Caledonia’s attributable share of the production.


Our Business Operations and/or Activities could be impacted by the spread of contagious diseases, such as the Coronavirus.


Our business could be significantly adversely affected by the effects of a widespread global outbreak of contagious diseases, including the recent outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”). We cannot accurately predict the impact that contagious diseases, such as COVID-19, will have on third parties’, including our employees’ ability to fulfil their obligations to the Company, including due to uncertainties relating to the ultimate geographic spread of the virus, the severity of the disease, the duration of the outbreak, and the length of travel and quarantine restrictions imposed by governments of affected countries. In addition, a significant outbreak of contagious diseases in the human population could result in a widespread health crisis that could adversely affect the economies and financial markets of many countries (including those countries we rely on to conduct our business operations), resulting in an economic downturn that could negatively impact our operating results.


Currently there are no concerns over the valuation of our assets as disclosed in the Consolidated Financial Statements and the Company does not foresee any changes in the cost of capital, cash requirements or any covenant defaults in our credit agreements. At the date of the authorisation of this document management is of the opinion that the effects of COVID-19 have been considered in making significant judgements and estimates, valuations and evaluating our going concern principle. However, it must be recognised that the duration and effects of pandemics are uncertain and can affect our forecasting accuracy. As of the date of this Annual Report, the severity of the effects of COVID-19 appear to be diminishing in the jurisdictions where the Company operates.


We cannot guarantee that there will not be an increase in input costs affecting our results of operations and financial performance.


Mining companies could experience higher costs of steel, reagents, labor, electricity, government levies, fees, royalties and other direct and indirect taxes. Our investment in a solar plant and efficiencies at existing operations should assist in curbing cost increases. However, there can be no assurance that we will be able to control such input costs and any increase in input costs above our expectations may have a negative result on our results of operations and financial performance.


Our operations may be subject to increased costs or even suspended or terminated as a result of any loss of required infrastructure in our operations.


Infrastructure, including water and electricity supplies, that is currently available and used by us may, as a result of adverse climatic conditions, natural disaster, incorrect or inadequate maintenance, sabotage or for other reasons, be destroyed or made unavailable or available in a reduced capacity. Were this to occur, operations at our properties may become more costly or have to be curtailed or even terminated, potentially having serious adverse consequences to our financial condition and viability that could, in turn, have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial performance.






Our operations may be subject to inadequate water supply.


Blanket uses water in the metallurgical process, some of which is pumped from the deeper levels of the mine but most of which is obtained from the “Blanket dam” (which, despite its name, is neither owned nor managed by Blanket Mine) which also supplies water to the nearby town of Gwanda. Blanket Mine is situated in a semi-arid region and rainfall typically only occurs in the period November to February. Management believes that there is enough water in the Blanket Mine dam to maintain normal operations until the next rainy season. During dry periods as a precautionary measure, Blanket intends to resuscitate existing boreholes and determine their yield; conduct hydrological surveys to identify potential new boreholes; recycle water from the lower levels of unused workings and construct a pond to store water that is pumped from current workings. If, however, there is inadequate water supply, operations at Blanket Mine may become more costly or have to be curtailed, suspended or even terminated which may have serious adverse consequences to the viability of gold production from Blanket Mine that could, in turn, have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial performance.


Our operations may be subject to inadequate electricity supply.


Zimbabwe’s electricity generation is mainly from the Kariba hydro station on the Zambezi river, the Hwange coal-fired station and several other much smaller coal-fired power stations. Even if Zimbabwe’s installed generating capacity is fully operational, it cannot generate enough electricity to meet its requirements and therefore Zimbabwe imports electricity from Mozambique and South Africa. Blanket Mine has a supply agreement with the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (“ZESA”) in terms of which it pays a premium rate in return for uninterrupted power.


The generating capacity at the Kariba hydro generating station fluctuates at times when the water levels are low. In addition, the export of electricity from South Africa to Zimbabwe is also interrupted due to a lack of generating capacity in South Africa and therefore interruptions to the Blanket supply do occur. The combined effect of these are severe electricity shortages that lead to “load-shedding” or low voltage occurrences.


Power surges as experienced at Blanket, if not controlled, can cause severe damage to Blanket’s electrical equipment. Blanket’s use of diesel for generating electricity decreased from approximately 3,827 kilo liters for the year in 2022 to 1,488 kilo liters in 2023.


Blanket has addressed the issue of interrupted power supply by installing stand-by generators. These generators can supply the whole mine with electricity but is a costly and environmentally unfriendly electricity source that is reliant on fuel imports that may from time to time be in shortage in Zimbabwe.


To mitigate against the current electricity situation, Caledonia has constructed a 12.2MWac solar plant at a cost of approximately $14.2 million (including construction costs and other project planning, structuring, funding and administration costs) supplying the Blanket operations. The solar plant was fully commissioned early February 2023 and provides approximately 24% of Blanket Mine’s average daily electricity demand. The plant has been providing power to Blanket from its initial connection to the Blanket grid in November 2022.  The solar plant was classified as held for sale on September 28, 2023. Refer to note 24 of the Consolidated Financial Statements.  The primary amount of electricity produced by the solar plant, after sale, will be sold to Blanket.


In April 2023 Blanket entered into a power supply agreement with the Intensive Energy Users Group (“IEUG”) and the Zimbabwean power utility to allow the IEUG to obtain power outside of Zimbabwe and strengthen the Zimbabwean power grid. As a result of this arrangement, Blanket has paid a lower tariff for IEUG supplied energy from April 2023, but it has not improved the power quality received at Blanket due to the continued difficulty with the Zimbabwe grid.


If an electricity shortage or outage persists, operations at the mines may become more costly or have to be curtailed, suspended or even terminated which may have serious adverse consequences to the viability of production from the mines that could, in turn, have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial performance.




We do business in countries and jurisdictions outside of the United States where different economic, cultural, regulatory, monetary and political environments could adversely impact our business, results of operations and financial condition.


The jurisdictions in which we operate are unpredictable. Assets and investments in these foreign jurisdictions are subject to risks that are usually associated with operating in a foreign country and any of these could result in a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial performance. These risks include, but are not limited to, access to assets, labor disputes and unrest; arbitrary revocation of government orders, approvals, licenses and permits; corruption; uncertain political and economic environments; bribery; war; civil disturbances and terrorist actions; sudden and arbitrary changes to laws and regulations; delays in obtaining government permits; limitations on foreign ownership; more onerous foreign exchange controls; currency devaluations; import and export regulations; inadequate, damaged or poorly maintained infrastructure; and endemic illnesses. There can be no guarantee that governments in these jurisdictions will not unilaterally expropriate the property of companies that are involved in mining.


Caledonia’s mining operations are conducted in Zimbabwe and, as such, these operations are exposed to various levels of political, economic and other risks and uncertainties in addition to those set out above. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, expropriation and nationalization, or mandatory levels of Zimbabwean ownership beyond currently mandated levels; renegotiation, nullification or partisan terms of existing concessions, licenses, permits and contracts; illegal mining; changes in monetary and taxation policies; restrictions on foreign exchange and repatriation; and changing political conditions, currency controls and governmental regulations that favor or require the awarding of contracts to local contractors or require foreign contractors to employ citizens of, or purchase supplies from, a particular jurisdiction.


The current monetary situation in Zimbabwe can be summarized as follows:



Blanket produces ore gold that it is obliged to deliver to Fidelity, a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (“RBZ”), which refines the gold to a purity of 99.5% on a toll-treatment basis. With effect from April 2023, 25% of the resultant gold is sold to Fidelity and the remaining 75% is exported by Caledonia to a refiner of its choice outside Zimbabwe which undertakes further processing and sells the resulting gold on the international market.  During 2023 all gold exports were sent to AEG in Dubai. The sale proceeds for the gold exported and sold via the offshore refiner is paid to Blanket’s commercial bankers in Zimbabwe within 48 hours of delivery. Management believes this new sales mechanism reduces the risk associated with selling and receiving payment from a single refining source in Zimbabwe. It also creates the opportunity to use more competitive offshore refiners and it may allow for the Company to raise debt funding secured against offshore gold sales. 25% of Blanket's gold is sold to Fidelity at a price which reflects the prevailing LBMA price and the official RTGS$/USD exchange rate on the date of sale.  Payment is made by Fidelity to Blanket in RTGS$ or ZiG from April 5, 2024 within 14 days of the sale.  Fidelity charges a refining fee of 1.24% of the USD export proceeds; Fidelity collects half of the 5% royalty which is payable to the Government of Zimbabwe in physical gold which is deducted from the amount exported and the balance is paid in USD and RTGS$ or ZiG proportionately to the 75:25 revenue split between USD and RTGS$ or ZiG.


The interbank RTGS$ or ZiG/USD exchange rates at each quarter end and at the latest practicable date prior to the publication of this Annual Report are set out below.



Interbank Exchange Rates




February 20, 2019



March 31, 2019



June 30, 2019



September 30, 2019



December 31, 2019



March 31, 2020



June 30, 2020



September 30, 2020



December 31, 2020



March 31, 2021



June 30, 2021



September 30, 2021



December 31, 2021



March 31, 2022



June 30, 2022



September 30, 2022



December 31, 2022



March 31, 2023



June 30, 2023



September 30, 2023



December 31, 2023



March 31, 2024



April 8 , 2024



  May 10, 2024   13.52  





Devaluation of the RTGS$ means that net monetary assets held in RTGS$ will devalue in USD terms.  In the ordinary course of its business, Caledonia has net RTGS$-denominated assets comprising RTGS$-denominated cash and receivables (primarily for the 25% of gold sold to Fidelity and VAT receivables) and RTGS$ liabilities (mainly comprising taxes payable).  During the first quarter of 2024, due to the increase in the rate of RTGS$ devaluation, management engaged more aggressively in RTGS$-denominated procurement to reduce its RTGS$-denominated cash.  In the first quarter of 2024 to the date of this Annual Report, Blanket made prepayments of approximately $2 million in respect of consumables and supplies denominated in RTGS$.


RTGS$ cash balances at December 31, 2023 amounted to a USD equivalent of $539,115 and $360,541 at March 8, 2024.


On April 5, 2024 the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a Monetary Statement policy that introduced a structured currency (which is generally defined as a currency that is pegged to a specific exchange rate or currency basket and backed by a bundle of foreign exchange assets (including gold).). The structured currency called the ZiG replaced the RTGS$ from the said date. Banks were instructed to convert the RTGS$ balances into the new currency to foster simplicity, certainty, and predictability in monetary and financial affairs. The new currency will co-circulate with other foreign currencies in the economy. The retention threshold remained unchanged.


Investors should recognize that Caledonia’s ability to implement its investment and operational strategies, Caledonia’s ability to sustain its operations outside Zimbabwe and pay future dividends depends, inter alia, on the ability to continue to externalize cash from Zimbabwe and receive payments for the sale of its gold proceeds.


On June 27, 2023 the U.S. Department of State together with other U.S. government agencies issued an advisory in light of reports related to the role of illicit actors in the gold trade to (i) highlight the opportunities and specific risks raised by the gold trade across sub-Saharan Africa and (ii) encourage industry participants to adopt and apply strengthened due diligence practices to ensure that such malign actors are unable to exploit and benefit from the sector, which remains essential to the livelihoods of millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa. Caledonia acknowledges and concurs with the U.S. Department of State’s warning that without adequate due diligence and appropriate mitigating measures, an industry participant may inadvertently contribute to one or more of these risks, including conflict and terror financing, money laundering activities, sanctions evasion, human rights and labor rights abuses and environmental degradation.  Caledonia has robust policies in place to counter such risks including, amongst other things: a Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy, a Human Rights Policy and Customer AML/KYC Policy, and it encourages whistleblowing and grievance reporting in order to monitor compliance.  Caledonia performs enhanced due diligence on significant suppliers and other counterparties (including, but not limited to, sanctions and political exposure checks), has established new and robust routes to market for its gold production (none of which, for the avoidance of doubt, is artisanal) and has scrutinized the new refineries to which it now sells its gold.  The Company reports its environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) performance annually, disclosing key environmental data, supports artisanal miners in the form of tributing of gold claims (as well as the local community generally) and has adopted best practice in the construction of its new tailings storage facility (“TSF”) at Blanket.  For more information in all of these areas, please refer to Caledonia’s ESG reports.




Our operations are subject to various government approvals, permits, licenses and legal regulation for which no assurance can be provided that such approvals, permits or licenses will be obtained or if obtained will not be revoked or suspended.


Government approvals, permits and licenses are required in connection with a number of our activities and additional approvals, permits and licenses may be required in the future. The duration and success of our efforts to obtain approvals, permits and licenses are contingent upon many variables outside of our control. Obtaining governmental approvals, permits and licenses can increase costs and cause delays depending on the nature of the activity and the interpretation of applicable requirements implemented by the relevant authority. While we and our affiliates currently hold the necessary licenses to conduct operations there can be no assurance that all necessary approvals, permits and licenses will be maintained or obtained or that the costs involved will not exceed our estimates or that we will be able to maintain such permits or licenses. To the extent such approvals, permits and licenses are not obtained or maintained, we may be prohibited from proceeding with planned drilling, exploration, development or operation of properties which could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


In addition, failure to comply with applicable laws, regulations and requirements in the countries in which we operate may result in enforcement action, including orders calling for the curtailment or termination of operations on our property, or calling for corrective or remedial measures requiring considerable capital investment. Although we believe that our activities are currently carried out in all material respects in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, no assurance can be given that new rules and regulations will not be enacted or that existing rules and regulations will not be applied in a manner that could limit or curtail production or development of our properties or otherwise have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


We face risks related to mining, exploration and mine construction on potential properties.


Our level of profitability, if any, in future years will depend on whether our mines produce at forecasted rates and whether any exploration and development stage properties can be brought into production. The mining, exploration and development of mineral deposits involves significant risks. It is impossible to ensure that any current and future exploration programs will establish mineral reserves or mineral resources. Whether a mineral ore body will be commercially viable depends on several factors, and the exact effect of these factors cannot be accurately predicted. The exploration, development and production activities are subject to political, economic and other risks, including:



cancellation or renegotiation of contracts;


changes in local and foreign laws and regulations;


changes in tax laws;


delays or refusal in granting prospecting permissions, mining authorizations and work permits for foreign management staff;


environmental controls and permitting;


expropriation or nationalization of property or assets;


foreign exchange controls and the availability of foreign exchange;


government mandated social expenditures;


import and export regulation, including restrictions on the sale of production in foreign currencies;


inflation of costs that is not compensated for by a currency devaluation;


requirement that a foreign subsidiary or operating unit has a domestic joint venture partner, which, possibly, the foreign company must subsidize;


restrictions on the ability of local operating companies to hold foreign currencies in offshore and/or local bank accounts;


restrictions on the ability of a foreign company to have management control of exploration and/or development and/or mining operations;





restrictions on the remittance of dividend and interest payments offshore;


retroactive tax or royalty claims;


risks of loss due to civil strife, acts of war, guerrilla activities, insurrection and terrorism;


royalties and tax increases or claims by governmental entities;


unreliable local infrastructure and services such as power, water, communications and transport links;


demands or actions by native or indigenous groups;


other risks arising out of foreign sovereignty over the areas in which operations are conducted; and


lack of investment funding. 


Such risks could potentially arise in any country in which we operate.


As a result of the foregoing, our exploration, development and production activities in Zimbabwe may be substantially affected by factors beyond our control, any of which could materially adversely affect our financial position or results from operations. Furthermore, in the event of a dispute arising from such activities, we may be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts outside North America or may not be successful in subjecting persons to the jurisdiction of the courts in North America, which could adversely affect the outcome of a dispute.


We will need to identify new mineral reserves to replace mineral reserves that have been depleted by mining activities and to commence new projects. No assurance can be given that exploration activities by us will be successful in identifying sufficient mineral reserves of an adequate grade and suitable metallurgical characteristics suitable for further development or production.


Refer to section 4.B – “Business Overview” for more information on our mining properties and projects.


Further development and commercial production at Blanket Mine, Bilboes and acquired exploration and evaluation assets cannot be assured.


We are engaged in further development activities at Blanket Mine, exploration and evaluation activities at Blanket’s satellite properties, the Bilboes gold project in Zimbabwe (“Bilboes” or the “Bilboes Project”) (oxides and sulphides) and the Maligreen project (“Maligreen”). Mining activities commenced at the Bilboes oxide mine in December 2022 and due to operating losses mining activities were placed on care and maintenance at the end of September 2023.


The estimates for future production, at Blanket Mine and the Bilboes Project, are based on mining plans and are subject to change. Production estimates are subject to risk and no assurance can be given that future production estimates will be achieved. Actual production may vary from estimated production for a variety of reasons including un-anticipated variations in grades, mined tonnages and geological conditions, accident and equipment breakdown, changes in metal prices and the cost and supply of inputs and changes to government regulations. Construction and development of projects are subject to numerous risks including, but not limited to: obtaining equipment, permits and services; changes in regulations; currency rate changes; labor shortages; fluctuations in metal prices; and the loss of community support.


Substantial expenditures are required to establish reserves through drilling, to develop metallurgical processes to extract gold from ore and to develop the mining, processing facilities and infrastructure at any site chosen for mining. Although substantial benefits may be derived from the discovery of a major mineralized deposit, no assurance can be given that minerals will be capable of economic extraction by metallurgical process, or discovered in sufficient quantities or grades, or the estimated operating costs of the mining venture are sufficient, to justify development of the deposit, or that the funds required for development can be obtained on a timely and economically acceptable basis.


The marketability of any minerals acquired or discovered may be affected by numerous factors which are beyond our control and which cannot be predicted, such as metal price and market fluctuations, the proximity and capacity of milling facilities, mineral markets and processing equipment, and such other factors as government regulations, including regulations relating to royalties, allowable production, importing and exporting of minerals, and environmental protection. Depending on the price of minerals produced, the Company may determine that it is not commercially feasible to commence or continue commercial production.




Refer to capital investments under Item 4.A – “History and Development of the Company”, for detail on development activities at Blanket and the Bilboes Project and exploration and evaluation assets.


We face credit risk exposure from counterparties to certain contractual obligations and there is no assurance that any such counterparty may not default in such obligation causing us to incur a financial loss.


Credit risk is the risk that a party with a contractual obligation with us will default causing a loss. New regulations introduced by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Finance in January 2014 required that all gold produced in Zimbabwe must be sold to Fidelity, a company which is controlled by the Zimbabwean authorities. Accordingly, all of our production from Blanket Mine and the Bilboes oxide mine was sold to Fidelity until April 26, 2023 when production began to be sold to both Fidelity and AEG (see above).  This mechanism means that the Company is no longer fully exposed to credit risk from Fidelity in respect of the US dollar component of its sales. This arrangement introduces a credit risk, beyond our control, that receivables and contractual performance due from Fidelity will not be paid or performed in a timely manner, or at all. If Fidelity, the Zimbabwean government  or AEG were unable or unwilling to conduct business with us, or satisfy obligations to us, we could experience a material adverse effect upon our operations and financial performance.  All payments due from Fidelity or AEG at year end have been received in full and on time.


The mining industry is highly competitive and there is no guarantee we will always be able to compete effectively.


The mining industry is a highly diverse and competitive international business. The selection of geographic areas of interest are only limited by the degree of risk a company is willing to accept by the acquisition of properties in emerging or developed markets and/or prospecting in explored or virgin territory. Mining, by its nature, is a competitive business with the search for fresh ground with good exploration potential and the raising of the requisite capital to move projects forward to production. There is aggressive competition within the mining industry for the discovery and acquisition of properties considered to have commercial potential. We will compete with other interests, many of which have greater financial resources than we will have, for the opportunity to participate in promising projects. Such competition may have better access to potential resources, more developed infrastructure, more available capital, have better access to necessary financing, and more knowledgeable and available employees than us. We may encounter competition in acquiring mineral properties, hiring mining professionals, obtaining mining resources, such as manpower, drill rigs, and other mining equipment. Such competitors could outbid us for potential projects or produce gold at lower costs. Increased competition could also affect our ability to attract necessary capital funding or acquire suitable properties or prospects for gold exploration or production in the future. Significant capital investment is required to achieve commercial production from successful exploration and development efforts. Globally, the mining industry is prone to cyclical variations in the price of the commodities produced by it, as dictated by supply and demand factors, speculative factors and industry-controlled marketing cartels. Nature provides the ultimate uncertainty with geological and occasionally climatic surprises. Commensurate with the acceptance of this risk profile is the potential for high rewards. If we are unable to successfully compete for properties, capital, customers or employees it could have a materially adverse effect on our results of operations.


We were required to facilitate the economic participation of certain indigenous groups in our business and there can be no assurance that such required participation was at fair market value or that the terms of the agreements can be amended.


The government of Zimbabwe introduced legislation in 2012 requiring companies to facilitate participation in their shareholdings and business enterprises by the indigenous population (typically referred to as indigenization). It is not assured that such interests were paid for at full fair value. As reported, Blanket Mine complied with the requirements of the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act in Zimbabwe whereby indigenous shareholders legally owned 51% of Blanket Mine since September 2012 (until 2020 – see below).




Pronouncements from the Zimbabwe Government following the appointment of the new President in late 2017 announced a relaxation in the indigenization policy which, amongst other things, included the removal of an indigenization requirement for gold mining companies. These pronouncements were passed into law in March 2018.


We currently do not depend on our ability to successfully access the capital and financial markets. However, should our financial position change any inability to access the capital or financial markets may limit our ability to execute our business plan or pursue investments that we may rely on for future growth.


Depending on our ability to generate income from our operations, we may require further financing for current and future exploration and development. Should our projections for fiscal years 2024 through to 2026 prove incorrect, to finance our working capital needs, we may have to raise funds through the issuance of additional equity or debt securities. Depending on the type and the terms of any financing we pursue, shareholders’ rights and the value of their investment in our shares could be reduced. Any additional equity financing will dilute shareholdings, and new or additional debt financing, if available, may involve restrictions on financing and operating activities. In addition, if we issue secured debt securities, the holders of the debt would have a claim to our assets that would be prior to the rights of shareholders until the debt is paid. Interest on these debt securities would increase costs and negatively impact operating results.


If we are unable to obtain additional financing, as needed, at competitive rates, our ability to implement our business plan and strategy may be affected, and we may be required to reduce the scope of our operations and scale back our exploration and development programs as the case may be. There is, however, no guarantee that we will be able to secure any additional funding or be able to secure funding which will provide us with sufficient funds to meet our objectives, which may adversely affect our business and financial position.


Our share price has been and is likely to continue to be volatile and an investment in our shares could suffer a decline in value.


Market prices for mining company securities, by their nature, are volatile. Factors, such as rapidly changing commodity prices, political unrest globally and in countries where we operate, speculative interest in mining stocks etc. are but a few factors affecting the volatility of the share price. Our shares are listed in the U.S. on the NYSE American, depositary interests representing our shares are admitted to trading on AIM of the London Stock Exchange (“AIM”), and depositary receipts representing our shares were listed on the VFEX in December 2021 raising gross proceeds of approximately $7.8m (the use of the term “share” in this Annual Report also, where the context requires, extends to a depositary interest or depositary receipt representing a share). The Company voluntarily delisted its shares from the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) on June 19, 2020. After the delisting the Company remains a Canadian reporting issuer and has to comply with Canadian securities laws unless and until it can demonstrate that less than 2% of its beneficial shareholders are Canadian residents. During 2023 gross proceeds of $10.8m and $5.9m were raised by issuing depository interests on AIM and depository receipts on the VFEX respectively.


The market price of our shares may be highly volatile and subject to wide fluctuations. In addition, the trading volume of our shares may fluctuate and cause significant price variations to occur. If the market price of our shares declines significantly, you may be unable to resell your shares at or above the purchase price, if at all. We cannot assure you that the market price of our shares will not fluctuate or significantly decline in the future.


Factors affecting our share price include but are not limited to:



actual or expected fluctuations in our operating results;


actual or expected changes in our growth rates or our competitors’ growth rates;


changes in the market price of gold;


changes in the demand for gold;


high extraction costs;




changes in market valuations of similar companies;





additions to or departures of our key personnel;


actual or anticipated fluctuations in our quarterly operating results or those of our competitors;


publication of research reports by securities analysts about us or our competitors in the industry;


our failure or the failure of our competitors to meet analysts’ projections or guidance that we or our competitors may give to the market;


fluctuations of exchange rates between the US$, GBP, CAD, RTGS$, ZiG and ZAR;


changes or proposed changes in laws and regulations affecting the gold mining industry;


changes in trading volume of our shares on the NYSE American, AIM or VFEX;


sales or perceived potential sales of our shares by us, our directors, senior management or our shareholders in the future;


short selling or other market manipulation activities;


announcement or expectation of additional financing efforts;


terrorist acts, acts of war or periods of widespread civil unrest;


natural disasters and other calamities;


litigation involving us, including: shareholder litigation, investigations or audits by regulators into our operations; or proceedings initiated by our competitors or clients;


strategic decisions by us or our competitors, such as acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, joint ventures, strategic investments or changes in business strategy;


the passage of legislation or other regulatory developments affecting us or our industry;


fluctuations in the valuation of companies perceived by investors to be comparable to us; and


conditions in the U.S., United Kingdom and Zimbabwe financial markets or changes in general economic conditions.


The Company conducted equity raises by way of placings in the first two quarters of 2023 which targeted institutional investors in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The equity raises were over-subscribed: depositary interests in respect of 781,749 shares were issued to institutional investors in the UK, Europe and South Africa on March 30, 2023 and Zimbabwe depositary receipts in respect of 425,765 shares were issued to investors in Zimbabwe on April 14, 2023. The placing price was $13.74 and the placings raised $16.6 million before expenses. Mark Learmonth, Chief Executive Officer, and Toziyana Resources Limited, a company affiliated with Victor Gapare, an executive Director of the Company, subscribed for 3,587 shares and 11,000 shares respectively in the equity raise before the start of the Quarter. The proceeds of the equity raises were or are expected to be used for the Bilboes pre-feasibility  study (refer to Exhibit 15.6), a shared services centre in Zimbabwe, the establishment of an international procurement arm to supply future operations, and exploration drilling at Motapa.


We are dependent on key management employees.


Our success depends (i) on the continued contributions of our directors, executive officers, management and consultants; and (ii) on our ability to attract new personnel whenever we seek to implement our business strategy. The loss of the services of any of these persons could have a materially adverse effect on our business, prospects, results of operations and financial performance. The limited availability of mining and other technical skills and experience in Zimbabwe and the difficulty of attracting appropriately skilled employees to Zimbabwe creates a risk that appropriate skills may not be available if, for whatever reason, the current skills base at the mines are depleted. There is no assurance that we will always be able to locate and hire all the personnel that we may require. Where appropriate, we engage with consulting and service companies to undertake some of the work functions. The Caledonia and Blanket management teams have been augmented so that it could provide appropriate support to Blanket if this is required.


Our mineral rights may be subject to defects in title.


We are not currently aware of any significant competing ownership claims or encumbrances respecting title to our properties. However, the ownership and validity or title of unpatented mining claims and concessions are often uncertain and may be contested. We also may not have, or may not be able to obtain, all necessary surface rights to develop a property. Although we have taken reasonable measures to ensure proper title to our properties, there is no guarantee of title to our properties or that competing ownership claims or encumbrances respecting our properties will not be made in the future. Title insurance is generally not available for mineral properties and our ability to ensure that we have obtained secure claims to individual mineral properties or mining concessions may be severely constrained. Our mineral properties may be subject to prior unregistered agreements, transfers or claims, and title may be affected by, among other things, undetected defects. We may incur significant costs related to defending the title to our properties. A successful claim contesting our title to a property may cause us to compensate other persons or perhaps reduce our interest in the affected property or lose our rights to explore and, if warranted, develop that property. This could result in us not being compensated for our prior expenditures relating to the property. Also, in any such case, the investigation and resolution of title issues would divert our management’s time from ongoing exploration and, if warranted, development programs. Any impairment or defect in title could have a negative impact on us.




We are subject to operational hazards and risks that could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


We are subject to risks typical in the mining business. These include, but are not limited to, operational issues such as unexpected geological conditions or earthquakes causing unanticipated increases in the costs of extraction or leading to falls of ground and rock bursts, particularly as mining moves into deeper levels. Major cave-ins, flooding or fires could also occur under extreme conditions. Although equipment is monitored and maintained and all staff receive safety training, accidents caused by equipment failure or human error could occur. Such occurrences could result in damage to, or destruction of, mineral properties or production facilities, personal injury or death, environmental damage, delays in mining, monetary losses and possible legal liability. As a result, we may incur significant liabilities and costs that could have a material adverse effect upon our business, results of operations and financial performance.


Lawsuits may be filed against us and an adverse ruling in any such lawsuit could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


We may become party to legal claims arising in the ordinary course of business. There can be no assurance that unforeseen circumstances resulting in legal claims will not result in significant costs or losses. The outcome of outstanding, pending or future proceedings cannot be predicted with certainty and may be determined adversely to us and as a result, could have a material adverse effect on our assets, liabilities, business, financial condition and results of operations. Even if we prevail in any such legal proceedings, the proceedings could be costly and time-consuming and may divert the attention of management and key personnel from our business operations, which could adversely affect our financial condition. In the event of a dispute arising in respect of our foreign operations, we may be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of foreign courts or may not be successful in subjecting foreign persons to the jurisdiction of courts in the United States of America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, the United Kingdom, Jersey Channel Islands or international arbitration. The legal and political environments in which we operate may make it more likely that laws will not be enforced and that judgments will not be upheld. If we are unsuccessful in enforcing our rights under the agreements to which we are party to or judgments that have been granted, or if laws are not appropriately enforced, it could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


We face risks related to illegal mining and no assurance can be provided that such illegal mining will not have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


Illegal mining activities on properties controlled by the business have been identified. This gives rise to increased security costs and an increased risk of theft and damage to equipment. The business has received adequate support and assistance from the Zimbabwean police in investigating such cases but there can be no guarantee that the support from the Zimbabwean police will continue and whether their support will stop illegal mining activities.


Most of our employees are members of the Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe and any work stoppage or industrial action implemented by the union may affect our business, results of operations and financial performance.


Most of the employees are members of either the Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe or Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union. Pay rates for all wage-earning staff are negotiated on a Zimbabwe industry-wide basis between the union and representatives of the mine owners. Any industrial action called by the union may affect our operations even though our operations may not be at the root cause of the action. Strikes, lockouts or other work stoppages could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance. In addition, any work stoppage or labor disruption at key customers or service providers could impede our ability to supply products, to receive critical equipment and supplies for our operations or to collect payment from customers encountering labor disruptions. Work stoppages or other labor disruptions could increase our costs or impede our ability to operate.




There can be no assurance that changes to any environmental, health and safety laws to which we are currently subject would not adversely affect our exploration and development programs.


Our exploration, development and operations are subject to environment, health and safety (“EH&S”) laws and regulations in the countries in which the relevant activity is being conducted.


In 2018, a training facility (called the Nyanzvi initiative) was established at Blanket using dedicated facilities and specially trained facilitators. The entire Blanket workforce participated in the program which resulted in the general improvement in safety in the first two quarters of 2020. The Nyanzvi program was suspended from late March 2020 due to the need to observe social distancing because of COVID-19 which contributed to the increase in reportable events. The Nyanzvi initiative was resumed in the last quarter of 2021 as COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed; management believes this will help to increase general safety awareness.


During 2023 102 employees trained on Nyanzvi 2. Co-creation training of the engineering leadership, which comprise 17 section engineers, manager, foremen and charge hands. An engineering pilot team of 11 employees was trained. Team rankings for the best performers for all departments continued in the fourth quarter of 2024.


Safety training is an ongoing exercise and it will remain an area of focus for the Company. There is no assurance, however, that future changes in EH&S, if any, will not adversely affect our exploration and development programs or our operations. There are no assurances that regulatory and environmental approvals required under EH&S will be obtained on a timely basis or if at all. A breach of EH&S may result in the temporary suspension of operations, the imposition of fines, other penalties (including administrative penalties and regulatory prosecution), and government orders, which could potentially have a material adverse effect on operations.


Due to the nature of our business, our operations face extensive EH&S risks.


Gold mining is exposed to numerous risks and events, the occurrence of which may result in the death of, or personal injury to, employees. EH&S legislation applicable to us could suspend part or all of our operations. EH&S incidents could therefore lead to increased unit production costs or lower production which could negatively affect our business, operating and/or financial results.


Regrettably, a fatality occurred on February 16, 2023. The fatality occurred as a result of a secondary blasting accident. The directors and management of Caledonia and Blanket express their sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased. Management has provided the necessary assistance to the Ministry of Mines Inspectorate Department in its enquiries into the incident. Caledonia takes the safety of its employees very seriously and, accordingly, measures have been taken to reinforce adherence to prescribed safety procedures.


In August, 2023 Caledonia reported that an employee of a company contracted to Blanket died of injuries sustained in an accident at Blanket.


We are exposed to the risk of onerous environmental legislation which could potentially result in significant cost and liabilities


The environment, including water streams, land, habitat and environments near the mining sites can be impacted by our mining and other operational activities. With an increasing global focus and public sensitivity to environmental sustainability and environmental regulation becoming more stringent, we could be subject to further environmental related responsibilities and associated liability. Environmental legislation and permitting requirements are likely to evolve in a manner which will require stricter standards and enforcement, increased fines and penalties for non-compliance, more stringent environmental assessments of proposed projects, an increase in capital expenditure and a heightened degree of responsibility for companies and their directors and employees.




Closure of mining operations, without sufficient financial provision for the funding of rehabilitation liabilities may result in our directors becoming subject to prosecution, litigation and potentially significant liabilities.


Future expenditure on rehabilitation might not be complete or accurately provided for due to higher than expected cost increases, changes in legislation, unidentified factors or other factors out of our control.  Annual in-house reviews and rehabilitation costs and footprint estimation are done to control this risk.  Every third year external experts review our footprint and cost estimations.  At December 31, 2023 our total consolidated rehabilitation provision amounted to $11.0m as stated in note 29 of the Consolidated Financial Statements.


We may enter into acquisitions or other material transactions at any time.


We continually seek to replace and expand our reserves through the exploration of our existing properties and may expand through acquisitions of interests in new properties or interests in properties such as the Bilboes Project, Maligreen and Motapa. Acquisitions involve a number of risks, including: the possibility that we, as a successor owner, may be legally and financially responsible for liabilities of prior owners; the possibility that we may pay more than the acquired company or assets are worth; the additional expenses associated with completing an acquisition and amortizing any acquired intangible assets; the difficulty of integrating the operations and personnel of an acquired business; the challenge of implementing uniform standards, controls, procedures and policies throughout an acquired business; the inability to integrate, train, retain and motivate key personnel of an acquired business; and the potential disruption of our ongoing business and the distraction of management from its day-to-day operations. These risks and difficulties, if they materialize, could disrupt our ongoing business, distract management, result in the loss of key personnel, increase expenses and may have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial performance.


As a foreign private issuer, we are permitted to file less information with the SEC than a company that is not a foreign private issuer or that files as a domestic issuer.


As a foreign private issuer, we are exempt from certain rules under the Exchange Act that impose disclosure requirements as well as procedural requirements for proxy solicitations under Section 14 of the Exchange Act. In addition, our officers, directors and principal shareholders are exempt from the reporting and “short-swing” profit recovery provisions of Section 16 of the Exchange Act. Moreover, we are not required to file periodic reports and financial statements with the SEC as frequently or as promptly as a company that files as a domestic issuer whose securities are registered under the Exchange Act, nor are we generally required to comply with the SEC’s Regulation FD, which restricts the selective disclosure of material non-public information. For as long as we are a “foreign private issuer” we intend to file our annual financial statements on Form 20-F and furnish our quarterly financial statements on Form 6-K to the SEC for so long as we are subject to the reporting requirements of Section 13(g) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act. However, the information we file or furnish is not the same as the information that is required in annual and quarterly reports on Form 10-K or Form 10-Q for U.S. domestic issuers. Accordingly, there may be less information publicly available concerning us than there is for a company that files as a domestic issuer.


We may lose our foreign private issuer status, which would then require us to comply with the Exchange Acts domestic reporting regime and cause us to incur additional legal, accounting and other expenses.


We are required to determine our status as a foreign private issuer on an annual basis at the end of our second fiscal quarter. In order to maintain our current status as a foreign private issuer, either (1) a majority of our shares must be either directly or indirectly owned of record by non-residents of the United States or (2) (a) a majority of our executive officers or directors must not be U.S. citizens or residents, (b) more than 50 percent of our assets cannot be located in the United States and (c) our business must be administered principally outside the United States. If we lost this status, we would be required to comply with the Exchange Act reporting and other requirements applicable to U.S. domestic issuers, which are more detailed and extensive than the requirements for foreign private issuers. We would also be subject to additional restrictions on offers and sales of securities outside the United States and would have to comply with the generally more restrictive Regulation S requirements under the Securities Act that apply to U.S. domestic issuers, which could limit our ability to access capital markets in the future. The regulatory and compliance costs to us under U.S. securities laws if we are required to comply with the reporting requirements applicable to a U.S. domestic issuer may be higher than the cost we would incur as a foreign private issuer. As a result, we expect that a loss of foreign private issuer status would increase our legal and financial compliance costs.




We are an emerging growth company and we cannot be certain if the reduced disclosure requirements applicable to emerging growth companies may make our shares less attractive to investors and, as a result, adversely affect the price of our shares and result in a less active trading market for our shares.


We are an “emerging growth company” as defined in the JOBS Act, and we may take advantage of certain exemptions from various reporting requirements that apply to other public companies that are not emerging growth companies. For example, we have qualified for an exemption from the auditor attestation requirements of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act relating to internal control over financial reporting, and we will not require such an attestation from our auditors.


We may avail ourselves of these disclosure exemptions until we are no longer an emerging growth company. We cannot predict whether investors will find our shares less attractive because of our reliance on some or all these exemptions. If investors find our shares less attractive, it may adversely impact the price of our shares and there may be a less active trading market for our shares.


We will cease to be an emerging growth company upon the earliest of:


the last day of the fiscal year during which we have total annual gross revenues of $1,235,000,000 (as such amount is indexed for inflation every five years by the SEC or more);


the last day of our fiscal year following the fifth anniversary of the completion of our first sale of equity securities pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act;


the date on which we have, during the previous three-year period, issued more than $1,000,000,000 in non- convertible debt; or


the date on which we are deemed to be a “large accelerated filer”, as defined in Rule 12b–2 of the Exchange Act, which would occur if the market value of our shares that are held by non-affiliates exceeds $700,000,000 as of the last day of our most recently-completed second fiscal quarter.


During 2020, the Company sold its first equity securities under the Securities Act. This means that the Company may no longer qualify as an emerging growth company following the fifth anniversary of the completion of the equity raise. The Company may instead thereafter have to comply with Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act where our registered public accountant will be required to attest to management’s assessment of its internal controls over financial reporting as presented under Item 15B of Form 20-F.


If we fail to establish and maintain proper internal controls, our ability to produce accurate financial statements or comply with applicable regulations could be impaired.


Section 404(a) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that our management assess and report annually on the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting and identify any material weaknesses in our internal controls over financial reporting. Although Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires our independent registered public accounting firm to issue an annual report that addresses the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting, we have opted to rely on the exemptions provided to us by virtue of being a foreign private issuer and an emerging growth company, and consequently will not be required to comply with SEC rules that implement Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act until we lose our emerging growth company status.


If either we are unable to conclude that we have effective internal controls over financial reporting or, at the appropriate time, our independent auditors are unwilling or unable to provide us with an unqualified report on the effectiveness of our internal controls over financial reporting as required by Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, investors may lose confidence in our operating results, the price of our shares could decline and we may be subject to litigation or regulatory enforcement actions.




The Company’s management, including the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer,  are responsible for implementing measures to make sure all internal controls are in place and will comply with the requirements of Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act when it becomes effective from the 2026 financial reporting period.


There is uncertainty with our mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates.


Our mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates described in this document are estimated in accordance with the requirements of Subpart 1300 of Regulation S-K (“Subpart 1300”). We believe these estimates also comply with Canada’s National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”). These estimates may not reflect actual mineral reserves and, mineral resources, or future production. Should we encounter mineralization or formations different from those predicted by past drilling, sampling and similar examinations, mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates may have to be adjusted and mining plans may have to be altered in a way that might ultimately cause our mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates to decline. Our mineral resource estimates may never be upgraded to mineral reserves. Moreover, if the gold price declines, or if our labor, consumable, electricity and other production costs increase or recovery rates decrease, it may become uneconomical to recover our mineral reserves. Under these circumstances, we would be required to re-evaluate our mineral reserves and mineral resources. Mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates are based on drilling results and because unforeseen conditions may occur, the actual results may vary from the initial estimates. These factors could result in reductions in our mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates, which could in turn adversely impact the total value of our business.


U.S. investors may not be able to enforce their civil liabilities against us or our directors and officers.


It may be difficult to bring and enforce suits against us, because we were amalgamated and exist under the laws of Jersey, Channel Islands and are situated in Jersey, Channel Islands and do not have assets located in the United States.


All our assets are located outside the United States and most of our directors and all of our officers are residents of countries other than the United States. As a result, it may be difficult for investors to effect service of process on us or these non-United States resident persons within the United States or to rely in the United States upon judgments obtained in the United States based on the civil liability provisions of the U.S. federal securities laws against us or our officers and non-United States resident directors.  In addition, our U.S. shareholders should not assume that the courts of Jersey, Channel Islands (i) would enforce judgments of U.S. courts obtained in actions against us, our officers or directors predicated upon the civil liability provisions of the U.S. federal securities laws or other laws of the United States, or (ii) would enforce, in original actions, liabilities against us, our officers or directors predicated upon the U.S. federal securities laws or other laws of the United States.


We are incorporated under the laws of Jersey, Channel Islands and our principal offices are located outside of the United States which could have negative tax consequences for U.S. investors.


We are incorporated under the laws of Jersey, Channel Islands and are located outside of the United States. Accordingly, U.S. investors could be subject to negative tax consequences. If we choose to make an offering of securities in the United States, the applicable prospectus is expected to include a discussion of the material United States tax consequences relating to the purchase, ownership and disposition of any securities offered thereby, to the extent not set out in this Annual Report; however, investors should consult their own tax advisors as to the consequences of investing in Caledonia.


There is uncertainty as a result of the conflict in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza


The conflict in Ukraine which began in February 2022, and the accompanying international response including economic sanctions, has been extremely disruptive to the world economy, with increased volatility in commodity markets, including higher oil and gasoline prices, international trade and financial markets, all of which have a trickle-down effect on supply chains, equipment and construction. There is substantial uncertainty about the extent to which this conflict will continue to impact economic and financial affairs, as the numerous issues arising from the conflict are in flux and there is the potential for escalation of the conflict both within Europe and globally. There is a risk of substantial market and financial turmoil arising from the conflict which could have a material adverse effect on the economics of the Company’s projects, and the Company’s ability to operate its business and advance project development.




Even though we do not have any operations or direct suppliers located in Israel, tensions in the Middle East centred around the Israel-Gaza conflict could result in disruptions to our business and operations, adversely affect our anticipated unit and production costs, increase raw material costs, increase inflationary pressures, impacting our ability to successfully contract with suppliers, and could have other adverse impacts on our anticipated costs. We have not experienced any direct impacts from the conflicts thus far.


We rely on the use of technology and information systems, which may become subject to cyber-terrorism or other compromises and shut-downs, and any failures or interruptions of these systems could adversely affect our businesses operations.


We operate businesses that are dependent on information systems and other technology, such as computer systems used for information storage, processing and administrative functions. We rely heavily on our financial, accounting, communications and other data processing systems.


Our systems could be breached or damaged by computer viruses and systems attacks, natural or man-made incidents, disasters or unauthorized physical or electronic access, despite the measures that we have in place, including those related to cyber security.  Cyber incidents may remain undetected for an extended period, which could exacerbate these consequences.


System failures, security breaches or accidents could give rise to potential theft, loss, business disruption, corruption, exposure or other damage to proprietary business data or employee or other personal data. The result can be significant remediation and other costs, fines, litigation and regulatory actions against us by various regulatory organizations or exchanges, governments or affected individuals due to non-compliance with our contractual or other legal obligations regarding data or intellectual property or violating our privacy and security policies.  Significant reputational harm and/or financial loss can occur. We cannot predict what effects these attacks, compromises or shut-downs would have, and the consequences could be material.


A prolonged global failure of cloud services provided by a variety of cloud services providers that we engage could result in cascading systems failures for us, and we can provide no assurance that our efforts or those of third parties with whom we conduct business will be successful in protecting our systems and preventing or limiting damages from a cyber incident.


Caledonia continues to develop precautionary measures to ensure the integrity of our system and that we remain subject to additional known or unknown threats. Occasionally we implement updates to our information technology systems and software. In addition, our employees also receive regular training on cyber- and/ or other information technology threats.


Theft or hijacking of gold may arise on site or during deliveries


Theft of gold can impact on our profitability and increase costs, e.g. insurance, security, etc. Security measures are put in place to prevent theft of gold on site and during deliveries.  Insurance is also taken out for gold on site and during deliveries.  Management is continuously being made aware of any incidents and precautionary measures are reviewed on a regular basis. Caledonia has changed the delivery of gold to helicoptering instead of by road to decrease the risk of theft during deliveries. Extra security was also added at the metallurgical plant.






A. History and Development of the Company


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc (previously Caledonia Mining Corporation) was incorporated, effective February 5, 1992, by the amalgamation of three predecessor companies and was registered at the time under the Canada Business Corporations Act.


Following the creation of Caledonia its shares were listed on the TSX and quoted on the NASDAQ small caps market. On October 16, 1998, Caledonia announced that NASDAQ would no longer quote its securities for trading. Caledonia’s stock commenced trading on the OTCQX in June 2005.


Effective April 1, 2006 the Company purchased 100% of the issued shares of the Zimbabwean company, CHZ, that held 100% of the shares of Blanket Mine. The purchase consideration was $1,000,000 and 20,000,000 shares of Caledonia. The Company acquired all the assets and assumed all the liabilities of CHZ.


The Company re-domiciled from Canada to Jersey using a legal process called “Continuance” on March 19, 2016. The Company operates under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991, as amended, (the “Companies Law”). The Continuance had no effect on the Company’s listing on the TSX or on the trading facilities on AIM in London or on the OTCQX in the United States of America.


On July 24, 2017, the Company announced that its shares would be listed on the NYSE American and trading began on July 27, 2017. The trading of the Company’s shares on the OTCQX ceased upon the commencement of trading on the NYSE American.


Caledonia voluntary delisted its shares from the TSX on June 19, 2020. After the delisting, the Company remains a Canadian reporting issuer and has to comply with Canadian securities laws unless and until it can demonstrate that less than 2% of its beneficial shareholders are Canadian residents. On December 2, 2021, Caledonia issued and listed 619,783 depositary receipts representing an equivalent number of shares on the VFEX raising gross proceeds of $7.8 million.


On January 6, 2023, Caledonia completed the acquisition of Bilboes Gold Limited (“Bilboes Gold”), further details of which can be found in Section 4.B “Business overview” of this report.


During the first two quarters of 2023 gross proceeds of $10.8 million were raised by issuing 781,749 depository interests which were subsequently listed on AIM and gross proceeds of $5.9 million were raised by issuing 425,765 depository receipts which were subsequently listed on the VFEX.


As at the date of this report Caledonia’s securities trade on the NYSE American, AIM and VFEX under the ticker “CMCL”.




The addresses and telephone numbers of Caledonia’s principal offices are:


Registered and Head Office

African Office - South African Subsidiaries   


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc

Caledonia Mining South Africa Proprietary Limited

B006 Millais House, Castle Quay, St Helier

4th Floor, 1 Quadrum office park         

Jersey, Channel Islands

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2198


South Africa         

(44) 1534 679 800

(27) 11 447 2499


Indigenization of Blanket Mine


On February 20, 2012 certain companies within Caledonia’s group of companies (the “Group”) announced that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with the Minister of Youth, Development, Indigenization and Empowerment of the Government of Zimbabwe pursuant to which the Group agreed that indigenous Zimbabweans would acquire an effective 51% ownership interest in the Blanket Mine for a transactional value of $30.09 million. Pursuant to the above, the Group entered into agreements with each indigenous shareholder to transfer 51% of the Group’s ownership interest in Blanket Mine whereby it:


sold a 16% interest to the National Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Fund (“NIEEF”) for $11.74 million;

sold a 15% interest to Fremiro Investments (Private) Limited (“Fremiro”), which is owned by indigenous Zimbabweans, for $11.01 million;

sold a 10% interest to Blanket Employee Trust Services (Private) Limited (“BETS”) for the benefit of present and future managers and employees for $7.34 million. The shares in BETS are held by the Blanket Mine Employee Trust (“Employee Trust”) with Blanket Mine’s employees holding participation units in the Employee Trust; and

donated a 10% ownership interest to the Gwanda Community Share Ownership Trust (“Community Trust”). In addition, Blanket Mine paid a non-refundable donation of $1 million to the Community Trust.


In anticipation of completing the underlying subscription agreements, advances were made to NIEEF and the Community Trust against their rights to receive dividends declared by Blanket Mine on their shareholdings as follows:


a $2 million payment to the Community Trust on or before September 30, 2012;

a $1 million payment to the Community Trust on or before February 28, 2013; and

a $1 million payment to the Community Trust on or before April 30, 2013.


Advances made to NIEEF as an advanced dividend loan were settled through dividend repayments in 2014. The final payment to settle the advance dividend loan to the Community Trust was made on September 22, 2021. Future dividends to the Community Trust are unencumbered from the date the loan was settled in full.


The Group facilitated the vendor funding of these transactions and the advanced dividend loans which were repaid by way of dividends from Blanket Mine. 100% of dividends declared by Blanket Mine as payable to the Community Trust were used to repay its advanced dividend loan until the beginning of 2020 when Blanket agreed that 80% of dividends declared by Blanket Mine would be used to repay such loan and the remaining 20% would unconditionally accrue to the Community Trust, which was the same arrangement that applied to the other indigenous shareholders (see below). The timing of the repayment of the loans depends on the future financial performance of Blanket Mine and the extent of future dividends declared by Blanket Mine. Subsequent to the indigenization transactions the facilitation loans relating to the Group were transferred as a dividend in specie to the Company.


Pronouncements from the Zimbabwe Government following the appointment of the new President in late 2017 declared a relaxation in the indigenization policy which, amongst other things, included the removal of an indigenization requirement for gold mining companies. These pronouncements were passed into law in March 2018. In light of the changed legislation, on November 6, 2018, the Company announced that it had entered into a sale agreement with Fremiro to purchase Femiro’s 15% shareholding in Blanket for a gross consideration of $16.667 million to be settled through a combination of the cancellation of the loan between the two entities (which stood at $11.467 million as at June 30, 2018) and the issue of 727,266 new shares in Caledonia at an issue price of $7.15 per share. On completion of the transaction on January 20, 2020, Caledonia owned 64% in Blanket and Fremiro held approximately 6.3% of Caledonia’s shares.




On February 27, 2020, the Company, Blanket Mine and the indigenous shareholders of Blanket Mine reached an agreement to change the repayment terms of the advance dividend loan to the Community Trust. The amendment allowed that 20% of the Community Trust’s share of the Blanket dividend would accrue to it on declaration of the dividend and that the remaining 80% be applied to the advance dividend loan from February 27, 2020. The modification was not considered beneficial to the other indigenous shareholders.


Blanket Mine - Capital Investment


The main capital development project is the infrastructure which will allow for three new production levels (26, 30 and 34 levels); a fourth level (38 level) is to be added in due course via a twin decline that commenced construction in February 2024.


Work on the key development areas in 2023 are detailed below:


30 and 34 level development: the 30 level and 34 level northern and southern haulages had a total advance of 384.3m. Part of the northern haulage development included the take off to the 30 level Eroica extraction haulage, developed for 34.6m which development had to be reviewed pending evaluation work in the area. Development north on 30 level subsequently included additional evaluation cubbies.

Eroica decline 3: the Eroica decline had a total of 108m developed. The expected completion was deferred to the start of the first quarter of 2024 due to the slow rate of development owing to logistical challenges. 900m will be the last level in the development of the decline and there will be up dip development from 990m to 900m.

930m 2 Orebody Hanging Wall Haulage: the total advance for the haulage was 159.9m. The haulage serves to expose the Blanket southern orebodies on 930m for production. The haulage is also important for the establishment of an access crosscut to link 6 Shaft on 930m.34 – 38 level twin declines: the twin declines had slow progress during the fourth quarter of 2023 with a total of 190.5m achieved. The poor progress was due to waste handling challenges. The twin declines will serve as access to Blanket orebodies below 34 level where shaft infrastructure does not reach. The decline establishment will be for both access and production through subsequent installation of a chairlift and conveyor system, respectively.

35 level Central Shaft: the 34 and 35 level construction of clear and dirty water dams was completed, and installation of the water management system will be complete in the second quarter of 2024. Support installation was completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

35 level conveyor: the transition from compressed air operated loading system to hydraulics was successfully completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The existing TSF is reaching the end of its life; accordingly, a new TSF is required to allow production to continue. The design parameters for the new facility include:



capacity of 13 million tonnes which is anticipated to be adequate for 14 years of production at current deposition rate;



“upstream” design, due to the limited space;



clear water dam and TSF will be lined with a double lining (geotextile and clay liner) and polyurethane liner respectively to avoid contamination of ground water;



the design includes new piping and new pumps for a gland service water and return water system with instrumentation;



new boreholes for monitoring around the facility; and



a waste embankment between the TSF and the mine village for dust prevention.


The anticipated cost of the new TSF is $25.1 million which will be incurred over a period of 3 years (2023: $11.4 million, 2024: $5.4 million and 2025: $8.3 million). Work on the TSF commenced in March 2023 and the first phase of the project was completed at the end of February 2024. The project was behind schedule due to resourcing by the contractor and changes in the design by an external consultant. The contractor had to change the program slightly to re-focus on the lowest areas of the TSF basin to allow limited deposition on the new TSF by end of October 2023 in parallel with further deposition onto the existing TSF until it reaches its maximum capacity. Limited deposition on the new TSF commenced on October 30, 2023, which has subsequently increased to 100% of Blanket’s tailings in 2024. Limited capacity remains on the old TSF, to provide a buffer in the event that there are delays in the completion of further phases in the construction of the new TSF.




Capital expenditure at Blanket in 2023 amounted to $28.1 million (inclusive of Caledonia Mining South Africa Proprietary Ltd’s (“CMSA”) mark-up). Planned 2023 capital expenditures of $2.2 million were postponed to 2024. Capital expenditure for 2023 included:


New TSF (first phase) - $11.1 million;

Capital development at 30 and 34 levels - $9.5 million;

Utilities for the Central Shaft infrastructure - $1.9 million;

Information technology infrastructure - $0.5 million;

Electrical engineering - $0.6 million;

Mill and surface engineering - $2.4 million; and

Staff housing - $365,000.


Capital expenditure at Blanket in 2024 is estimated at $30.8 million (inclusive of CMSA’s mark-up and postponements).


Solar Investment


In 2020, the Company raised $13 million (before commission and expenses) through the sale of 597,963 shares at an average price of $21.74 per share to construct a solar plant. Caledonia initiated a tender process to identify parties to submit proposals for a solar project that would reduce Blanket’s reliance on grid and generator power and provided notice to proceed with construction in 2021. The 12.2 MWac solar plant was connected to the Blanket grid in November, 2022 and fully commissioned in early February 2023. The solar plant provides approximately 24% of Blanket’s electricity demand during daylight hours, reduces Blanket’s reliance on the utility and generator use and cost $14.2 million to complete.


Blanket continues to rely on the grid and generators to provide additional power during daylight hours and at night. Completion of the solar plant coincided with an improvement in the supply of power from the grid which has substantially reduced the amount of diesel consumed.  In January 2024 and February 2024 Blanket consumed on average 82,000 litres of diesel per month for 2024 compared to an average of 124,000 litres per month for the whole of 2023. Whilst it is uncertain that this level of improvement will be maintained, the successful implementation of the solar plant is expected to result in a meaningful reduction in diesel usage. 


In December 2022, the Caledonia board of directors (the “Board of Directors”) approved a proposal for Caledonia Mining Services (Private) Limited (“CMS”), which owns the solar plant, to issue loan notes (“solar bonds”). This decision was taken to optimise the capital structure of the Group and provide additional debt instruments to the Zimbabwean financial market. The bonds had an interest rate of 9.5% payable bi-annually and had a tenor of 3 years from the date of issue. The bond repayments are guaranteed by the Company and $7 million of bonds were issued to Zimbabwean commercial entities by CMS. The issuer of the solar bonds was changed from CMS to CHZ during the fourth quarter of 2023 in anticipation of the proposed sale (see below) and in order that Caledonia can maintain and develop the relationship with the Zimbabwean institutional holders of the bonds. $2 million of further bonds were issued to Zimbabwean commercial entities by CHZ in the second quarter of 2024. 


Due to the unique operating environment in Zimbabwe and Caledonia’s significant in-country expertise, Caledonia opted to build the solar plant using its own resources rather than relying on an external party to build, operate  and own the solar plant using its financial resources and selling the resultant power to Blanket on a long-term contract. Accordingly, Caledonia constructed the solar plant using its own financial resources at a cost of $14.2m. As the solar plant is now fully commissioned and is working as planned, Caledonia no longer needs to own the solar project, provided it retains long term access to the power it produces.


In the second quarter of 2023 management embarked on a process to sell the solar plant. Various offers were received, and a bidder has been given exclusivity to conduct due diligence and further negotiate the sale of the plant after proving their ability to operate and fund solar plants of similar size and complexity. Management is in an advanced stage of finalising the contractual arrangements to sell the solar plant whereby the new owners will exclusively supply Blanket with electricity. This transaction is expected to realise a profit on Caledonia's investment in the plant and release cash for reinvestment in Caledonia’s core business of gold mining that should yield higher returns to our shareholders.




The solar asset was re-classified as held for sale as at December 31, 2023 in the Consolidated Financial Statements.    


Capital projects and expenditures are further analyzed in notes 17 and 18 of the Consolidated Financial Statements and under Item 4.B – “Business Overview”.


Available Information


The SEC maintains an internet site (http://www.sec.gov) that contains report, proxy and information statements and other information regarding issuers that file electronically with the SEC. Such information can also be found on the Company’s website (http://www.caledoniamining.com).


B. Business Overview


Description of Our Business


Blanket Mine


Caledonia’s primary focus is the operation of a gold mine and the exploration and development of mineral properties for precious metals. Caledonia’s activities are focused on Zimbabwe. The Company’s business during the last three completed fiscal years has been focused primarily on increasing production to 80,000 oz. of gold from 2023 onward through its investment plan at Blanket Mine. 


Total gold production at Blanket Mine for 2023 was 75,416 oz. (2022: 80,775 oz.; 2021: 67,476 oz.). Gold producers compete globally based on their operating and capital costs. Certain gold producers benefit from their ability to produce other minerals in commercial quantities as by-products. Caledonia derives approximately 0.1% of its revenues from silver, which is insignificant. Over the last three years, 100% of Blanket’s revenues was derived from its operations in Zimbabwe.


The underground drilling program at Blanket targeted the Eroica, Blanket and AR south ore bodies and yielded encouraging results, which were published on July 10, 2023 and January 30, 2024. The total drilling for 2023 was 13,280 meters, and the results indicate that the existing Blanket, Eroica and AR South ore bodies have grades and widths that are generally better than expected. Refer to Exhibit 15.4 for the updated technical report of Blanket, which reflects this new information in a revised resource statement taking into account the increased life of mine.






Bilboes Project


On July 21, 2022 Caledonia announced that it had signed an agreement (the “Bilboes Agreement”) to purchase Bilboes Gold Limited (“Bilboes Gold”), the parent company which owns, through its Zimbabwe subsidiary, Bilboes Holdings, the Bilboes Project for a total consideration of 5,123,044 Caledonia shares representing approximately 26.8% of Caledonia's fully diluted equity as at today’s date and a 1% net smelter royalty ("NSR") on the Bilboes Project's revenues.


Bilboes is a large, high grade gold deposit located approximately 75 km north of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Historically, it has been subject to a limited amount of open pit mining.


The Company understands that the project has produced approximately 291,000 ounces of gold since 1989.


In the fourth quarter of 2022, a small operation was started to mine and process oxide mineralization at Bilboes prior to the declaration of a Subpart 1300 compliant mineral reserve. The oxide mining activities were restarted predominantly with the objective to generate cash flows to pay for the existing cost structures at Bilboes Holdings, the operating company for Bilboes, and this would have an added benefit of reducing the waste-stripping required for the later planned sulphide project. The oxide mine was expected to produce between 12,500 and 17,000 ounces of gold in 2023 at an on-mine cost of between $1,200 and $1,320 per ounce.


On January 6, 2023 Caledonia announced that it had satisfied the conditions precedent to purchase Bilboes Gold. The total consideration was agreed at 5,123,044 Caledonia shares, representing approximately 26.8% of Caledonia's fully diluted equity as at today’s date and a 1% NSR. Following completion of the transaction in January 2023, Caledonia commissioned its own pre-feasibility study to identify the most judicious way to commercialize the Bilboes sulphide project and optimize shareholder returns. One approach that is being considered is a phased development which would minimize the initial capital investment and reduce the need for third party funding.


The target mineralization area (for the oxide mining project) which had been identified using old information obtained from the previous owners (i.e. not the vendors from whom Caledonia purchased the project) was found to have interpreted the oxide / sulphide boundary incorrectly. Mining activity moved to other target areas in the thirdquarter of 2023 where the target oxide mineralization is based on relatively recent drill data for the oxide mineralization. However, the large amount of waste-stripping that needed to be done to access the oxide production areas proved too costly. Accordingly, to prevent further operating losses, the oxide mining activities were placed on care and maintenance at the end of September 2023. Mining activities will exploit remnant oxides once mining production commences for the larger sulphide project with oxides being loaded onto the oxide heap leach pads and suphides fed to the sulphide processing plant.   Leaching of ore placed on the heap leach continued in the fourth quarter of 2023 and had no material effect on Caledonia's financial performance.  Production and cost guidance for the oxide mining activities was withdrawn in the third quarter of 2023.


Refer to note 5 in the Consolidated Financial Statements for more detail on the Bilboes Gold acquisition and tribute transaction.


On May 15, 2024, 2024, Caledonia announced a Subpart 1300 compliant pre-feasibility study, containing a mineral reserve and mineral resource estimate for the Bilboes Project. The pre-feasibility study, entitled “Bilboes Gold Project Technical Report Summary”, was prepared by DRA Projects (Pty) Ltd with an effective date of December 31, 2023, and is attached as Exhibit 15.6 hereto. We consider the Bilboes Project to be a development stage property for purposes of Subpart 1300, because it contains a Subpart 1300 mineral reserve but does not currently have material mineral extraction.




On November 1, 2022 Caledonia acquired from Bulawayo Mining Company Limited (“Bulawayo Mining”) all the shares in Motapa Mining Company UK Limited (“Motapa”), which wholly owns Arraskar Investments (Private) Limited (“Arraskar”), the holder of the registered mining lease over Motapa, for $8.25 million.




Caledonia considers Motapa to be highly prospective and strategically important to its growth ambitions in Zimbabwe in terms of both location and scale. Motapa is a large exploration property which is contiguous to Caledonia’s Bilboes gold project. Motapa was formerly owned and explored by Anglo American Zimbabwe prior to its exit from the Zimbabwean gold sector in the late 1990s and is approximately 75km north of Bulawayo with a mining lease covering approximately 2,200 hectares. Motapa has been mined throughout most of the second half of the 20th century; Caledonia understands that during this period the region produced as much as 300,000 ounces of gold. Whilst none of the mining infrastructure remains, the evidence of historical mining will provide guidance to our exploration team in best understanding the prospectivity of the region.


Caledonia’s exploration activities are focused on Blanket Mine, Motapa and Maligreen.  Motapa and Maligreen are exploration stage projects.


Refer to note 18 of the Consolidated Financial Statements for more detail on Motapa.


Maligreen Project


On September 23, 2021, Caledonia announced that it had entered into an agreement to purchase the mining claims over Maligreen, a property situated in the Gweru mining district in the Zimbabwe Midlands, from Pan African Mining (Private) Limited, a privately-owned Zimbabwean company, for a total cash consideration of US$4 million. The transfer of the claims to Caledonia and the payment of the purchase price was completed during the fourth quarter of 2021.


Maligreen is a brownfield gold exploration project situated on the Nkayi-Silobela Greenstone Belt that has historically been exploited via open pit mining. The total land area of Maligreen is approximately 550 hectares comprising two historic open pit mining operations that produced approximately 20,000 ounces of gold mined from oxides between 2000 and 2002 after which the operation was closed.


Significant historical exploration and evaluation work has been conducted on the property over the last 30 years including regional geochemical and geophysical (aeromagnetic and ground) surveys and 5 tonnes of bulk metallurgical test work. A total of 755 holes, of which 113 were diamond holes, have been drilled at the property over a combined 63,463 metres. These were completed in the period 1995 to 2001.


During 2022 the Company completed a re-logging and re-sampling exercise of a representative sample of previously drilled core which have satisfied the QAQC requirements for upgrading the original Inferred Mineral Resources estimate to Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources. Future exploration activities may be considered to further understand the strike and depth extension potential and assess the potential for a mining operation.


A Tribute Agreement was in place with Silobela Youth in Mining Syndicate for the Maligreen claims from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2023, in terms of which Silobela Youth in Mining Syndicate could undertake mining activities over the claims. Silobela Youth in Mining Syndicate was obliged to pay CHZ 5% of the value of minerals mined or a rental amount. The Silobela Youth in Mining Syndicate is currently engaged in renewing the Tribute Agreement


Refer to note 18 of the Consolidated Financial Statements for more detail on Maligreen.


Other Information


There is no assurance that our mineral exploration activities will result in any discoveries of commercial bodies of mineral reserves. The long-term profitability of our operations will, in part, be directly related to the costs and success of our exploration programs, which may be affected by several factors.


There can be no assurance, even when an economic deposit of minerals is located, that any of our property interests can be commercially mined. The exploration and development of mineral deposits involve a high degree of financial risk over a significant period which a combination of careful evaluation, experience and knowledge of management may not eliminate. While the discovery of additional ore-bearing structures may result in substantial rewards, few properties which are explored are ultimately developed into producing mines. Major expenses may be required to establish reserves by drilling and to construct mining and processing facilities at a particular site. It is impossible to ensure that our current exploration programs will result in profitable commercial mining operations. The profitability of our operations will be, in part, directly related to the cost and success of its exploration and development programs which may be affected by several factors. Additional expenditures are required to establish reserves that are sufficient to commercially mine and to construct, complete and install mining and processing facilities in those properties that are actually mined and developed.




Mining Operations


Blanket Mine


On November 3, 2014 Caledonia announced the revised investment plan (“Revised Plan”) and production projections for the Blanket Mine. The objectives of the investment plan were to improve the underground infrastructure and logistics to allow efficient and sustainable production build-up.  The infrastructure improvements included the continuation of the No. 6 Winze, the development of a “Tramming Loop” and the sinking of a new 6-meter diameter Central Shaft from surface to 1,080 meters (which was eventually extended to 1,204 meters).


Caledonia’s Board of Directors and Management have completed a review of alternative expansion and diversification plans for Caledonia.  Both the Board of Directors and Management have also addressed the revised production projections for the Blanket Mine and the possible benefits of diversifying Caledonia’s production base. Caledonia has concluded its best returns on investment remain at the Blanket Mine in Zimbabwe, which continues to be cash generative.


Exploration at Blanket Mine’s portfolio of satellite properties was suspended in 2016 so that resources could be re-deployed at Blanket.  Since then, the Company has evaluated other investment opportunities in Zimbabwe and has concluded that the satellite properties other than GG are unattractive due to their relatively small size, low grade, limited exploration potential, operating complexity and metallurgical incompatibility with the existing Blanket Mine plant.  The GG satellite property remains on care and maintenance.








Metallurgical Process


Metallurgical plant Blanket Mine


The Blanket gold plant established on the Blanket Mine site consists of crushing, milling, carbon-in-leach and batch elution electro-winning circuits. Recoveries in 2023 were 93.8%, the same as in 2022.


The installation of ball mill BM10 and repairs increased the metallurgical production capacity to 2,400 tonnes per day. The increased milling capacity enabled Blanket to increase tonnage milled from 1,976 tonnes per day during June 2022 to 2,379 tonnes per day on August 23, 2022. The record 770,440 tonnes milled for 2023 was 2.4% higher than the 752,033 tonnes milled in 2022.


During the fourth quarter of 2022, Blanket finished construction of a conveyor and crushing system to feed ore from the Central Shaft to a primary crusher from which it will be transported to the metallurgical plant which is located approximately 800 metres away, close to the No. 4 Shaft. The project was commissioned in November 2022.


Safety, Health and Environment


The following safety statistics have been recorded for the year 2023 and the preceding two years.










Lost time injury




Restricted work activity




First aid




Medical aid




Occupational illness












Near misses




Disability Injury Frequency Rate




Total Injury Frequency Rate




Man-hours worked (thousands)





The number of incidents as reflected in the Total Injury Frequency Rate increased in 2023 compared to 2022 and was similar to 2021. Blanket’s safety performance compares favourably with other deep level underground gold mines; however, management believes the safety performance at Blanket should be seen as a continuous focus area. The Nyanzvi 2 initiative (discussed below) is designed to increase safety awareness and reinforce strict adherence to prescribed safety procedures.


Nyanzvi Initiative


During 2023 102 employees trained on Nyanzvi 2 training. Co-creation training of the engineering leadership comprise 17 section engineers, manager, foremen and charge hands. An engineering pilot team of 11 employees was trained. Team rankings for the best performers for all departments continued in the fourth quarter of 2023.


Sources and Availability of Raw Materials


All of the raw materials the Company requires to carry on its business are available through normal supply or business contracting channels. The Company has not experienced a shortage of availability of raw materials or significant price volatility.




Exchange Controls, Social Investment and Contribution to the Zimbabwean Economy


Exchange control approvals from the RBZ and the Reserve Bank of South Africa are required on the flow of funds in and out of Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Company obtained necessary approvals from both the RBZ and the Reserve Bank of South Africa to transfer foreign currency during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023.


Additionally, Blanket Mine’s investment in community and social projects which are not directly related to the operation of the mine or the welfare of Blanket Mine’s employees, the payments made to the Community Trust in terms of Blanket Mine’s indigenization, and payments of royalties, taxation and other non-taxation charges to the Zimbabwe government and its agencies are set out in the table below.


Payments to the Community and the Zimbabwe Government



Community and Social Investment

Payments to GCSOT

Payments to Zimbabwe Government (excl. royalties)



Year 2021







Year 2022







Year 2023








Community and social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives fall under seven pillars of education, health, women empowerment and agriculture, environment, charity, youth empowerment and conservation.


The main CSR programme at Blanket relates to the refurbishment of the maternity clinic, the primary and secondary schools, and the youth centre at Sitezi, which is located approximately 17km from Blanket.  Activities in respect of this project during 2023 included:


Completing renovations of five classrooms, three offices, one computer laboratory, and one science laboratory at Sitezi Secondary School. The renovations included tubing and wiring of electricals and putting up ceilings. Renovation of the secondary school administration block also commenced in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Construction of the waiting mothers’ shelter began and was at slab level by end of the fourth quarter of 2023; completion is expected in the first quarter of 2024. Repairs to the clinic buildings such as doors, windows, painting walls, and roof repairs were also done.

The bulk of materials, such as batteries and other accessories, for the solar plant to supply the clinic, secondary school and primary school with power, was procured in the fourth quarter of 2023 and installation is expected to start in the first quarter of 2024. The solar power will help maintain cold chains for medical supplies and samples at the clinic and provide lighting and energy supply to the clinic and the two schools for powering IT equipment such as computers and interactive boards.   

To ensure a secure and stable supply of water for the Gwakwe Garden irrigation scheme, Blanket continued supplying irrigation water to the garden from Smiler shaft. The water augmentation project to connect four boreholes to the garden which began during the second quarter continued in the current quarter. Pipes for the pipeline were laid out, and connection to the national electricity grid was completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Work on upgrading the Sabiwa Stadium to meet the requirements of the Zimbabwe Football Association for Division 1/Premier Soccer League stadia in the country continued with the extension of the pitch and running tracks. Material for building changing rooms and ablution facilities was delivered on site with construction set for the first quarter of 2024. The stadium, which had been used exclusively by Sabiwa High School, will cater for footballing activities for the entire local community.


Blanket undertook road repairs of the old Gwanda Road, patching the potholes on the road which had become a hazard.


Under the conservation pillar, Dambari Wildlife Trust was granted $113,000 to carry out its work on conserving black and white rhinos in the Matopos Hills areas. The last disbursements of the grant were made in the fourth quarter of 2023. Dambari Trust is working with Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust as its subgrantee.




A dividend of $550,000 was paid to the Community Trust in 2023 and $450,000 in March, 2024. GCSOT has a 10% shareholding in Blanket, donated by Caledonia.


General Comments


Caledonia’s activities are centered on Zimbabwe and occur year-round. Caledonia is not dependent, to any material extent, on patents, licenses, contracts, specialized equipment or new manufacturing processes at this time. However, there may be occasions that Caledonia may wish to adopt such patents, licenses, specialized equipment, etc. if these are economically beneficial to its operations. All mining and exploration activities are conducted under the various economic, mining and environmental regulations of the country where the operations are being carried out. It is always Caledonia’s standard that these regulations are complied with by Blanket Mine. Caledonia has not experienced a shortage of availability of raw materials or significant price volatility.


Refer to note 4(b)(i) of the Consolidated Financial Statements and Item 3.D – “Risk Factors”, under the subheading “We do business in countries and jurisdictions outside of the United States where different economic, cultural, regulatory, monetary and political environments could adversely impact our business, results of operations and financial condition” where the material effects of government regulations of the Company’s business are disclosed.


Investors should recognize that Blanket’s ability to implement its investment plans at its properties and interests and Caledonia’s ability to sustain its operations outside Zimbabwe and pay future dividends depends, inter alia, on the ability to externalize cash from Zimbabwe.


Revenue from the sale of precious metals is recognized when the unrefined metal is accepted at the refinery (“Local lodgment date”) by Fidelity, except for the portion earmarked for export to a refiner outside of Zimbabwe. Control is transferred and the receipt of proceeds is substantially assured at point of delivery at the end refiner with the responsibility to pay. Revenue for each delivery to Fidelity is measured at the LBMA price post-delivery less 1.25% and the quantities are determined on Local lodgment date. On average, settlement occurs within 14 days of delivery from Fidelity and within 2 days from AEG.


A portion of unrefined metals produced by Blanket is exported by Caledonia to AEG, an accredited Dubai Good Delivery refinery, which makes payment to Caledonia's bank account in Zimbabwe in USD. The exported unrefined gold continues to be processed at Fidelity, a subsidiary of the RBZ, on a toll-treatment basis, in accordance with requirements of the Zimbabwe government for in-country refining and to allow the Zimbabwe authorities full visibility over the gold produced and exported by Caledonia. The resultant gold is exported under the gold dealing license that is held by Fidelity to a refinery outside Zimbabwe (i.e. AEG) which undertakes the final refining process. Caledonia receives the proceeds of the gold which it exports in its bank account in Zimbabwe within a few days of delivery to the final refiner. This arrangement in respect of production from Blanket complies with the current requirements to pay a 5% royalty on gold sales and 1.25% of gross sales which is payable to the Zimbabwean Government and deducted from USD and RTGS$ or ZiG revenues proportionately. The retention threshold remained unchanged after the introduction of the ZiG.


For deliveries exported and for deliveries that are paid by Fidelity, Blanket continues to receive 75% of its revenues in US Dollars and the balance in local currency. Revenue for the unrefined metals exported to a refiner outside Zimbabwe from the sale of precious metals is recognized when the refiner outside of Zimbabwe receives the unrefined metals (“Export lodgment date”). Control is transferred and the receipt of proceeds is substantially assured at the point of delivery. Export lodgment date revenue for each delivery is measured at the LBMA price post-delivery less a refining fee and the quantities are determined on Export lodgment date. On average settlement occurs within two days of delivery.


Revenue from the sale of precious metals at Bilboes is recognized on the Local lodgment date by Fidelity. Control is transferred and the receipt of proceeds is substantially assured at point of delivery at the end refiner with the responsibility to pay. Revenue for each delivery to Fidelity is measured at the LBMA price post-delivery less 1.25% and the quantities are determined on Local lodgment date. Part of the Bilboes revenue during the year was recognized from sales to Fidelity as a “small-scale producer”, measured at the previous day’s 6pm LBMA price less a 5% discount. The revenue was received 100% in USD and settlement occurred immediately after depositing of the bullion.





C. Organizational Structure


The Company has the following organizational structure as at April 26, 2024:








D. Property, Plant and Equipment and Exploration and evaluation assets




The Company is engaged in the exploration, development and production of gold and other precious metals from its mineral properties.  The Company’s four material mineral properties, all located in Zimbabwe, are:


the production stage Blanket Mine (64% interest);

the exploration stage Maligreen project (100% interest);

the development stage (sulphides) at Bilboes Project  (100% interest), at which minor oxide gold production occurred during the period; and

the exploration stage Motapa (100% interest).


The Blanket Mine and its satellite operations are located in the Matabeleland South province, the Maligreen project is located in the Midlands province and Motapa and the Bilboes is in the Bulawayo province as illustrated below.




The Company does not have interests in any other mineral properties, following the disposition of the Company’s interests in Connemara North, Glen Hume, Eagle Vulture, Mascot and Penzance, and Eersteling. 


Certain of the information set forth in this annual report is derived from the following:


For the Blanket Mine, the Subpart 1300 pre-feasibility study entitled “S-K 1300 Technical Report Summary on the Blanket Gold Mine, Zimbabwe, with an effective date of  December 31, 2023, prepared by Qualified Persons Mr. Craig Harvey and Mr. Marthinus van Staden. Refer to Exhibit 15.4 and Exhibit 15.8 in this report; and

For the Maligreen project, the Subpart 1300 initial assessment entitled “S-K 1300 Technical Report Summary on the Maligreen Gold Project, Zimbabwe, with an effective date of  December 31, 2022, prepared by Qualified Person Mr. Uwe Engelmann.  Refer to Exhibit 15.5 in this report.

For the Bilboes Project the Subpart 1300 pre-feasibility study entitled “Bilboes Gold Project Technical Report Summary, with an effective date of  December 31, 2023, prepared by Qualified Person  DRA Projects (Pty) Ltd.  Refer to Exhibit 15.6 in this report.


Mr. Craig Harvey and Mr. Marthinus van Staden, have been full-time employees of the Company as from 1 March 2023 and November 1, 2021 respectively.  Mr. Engelmann is not an employee of the Company.  Mr. Engelmann is employed by Minxcon (Pty) Ltd.  None of Mr. Engelmann or DRA Projects (Pty) Ltd is affiliated with Caledonia or another entity that has an ownership, royalty or other interest in the property that is the subject of the respective technical report summary.




Three Year Production History


The Blanket Mine is the Company’s only property with current mineral extraction.  Minor oxide extraction occurred at Bilboes in 2023.  The Bilboes oxide extraction was curtailed during 2023 favor of focusing on the larger sulphide feasibilty study. Aggregate annual production information for our properties for the years ended December 31, 2023, 2022 and 2021 is provided below on a 100% project basis, rather than an attributable basis.



Ounces produced


















Mineral Resources


Mineral resources are stated as exclusive of mineral reserves and as attributed values.  Ordinary kriging and inverse distance estimation methodology was employed and confined to the property boundaries to which we have legal rights to explore and mine.


The Blanket Mine mineral resources occur as underground resources and estimates have been depleted for mining. Measured, indicated and inferred mineral resources are declared due to the continuity of the geology and grade as well as a history of proven historical mining. The inferred mineral resources show geological continuity, while grade continuity requires improvement through additional drilling. A cut-off of 1.5 g/t was utilized for Blanket Mine based on an average real term gold price of US$2,150/oz based on a 10-to-15 year view for precious metals. Geological losses of 2.5% were applied to the Blanket Mine measured mineral resources, while a 5% loss was applied to the indicated mineral resource and 10% to the inferred mineral resource category.


There has been no change year on year for the mineral resources at Maligreen. All mineral resources are reported at surface (all mineral resources <220 m from surface) and underground (>220 m from surface). The mineral resources have been depleted by means of topography and mining voids.  Following confirmatory re-logging and re-sampling of historical core along with the robust geological mode, the data previous inferred mineral resources can now be declared as a measured, indicated and inferred mineral resources. A cut-off of 0.4 g/t was applied to the surface resources, while a cut-off of 1.5 g/t was applied to the underground portion based on a gold price of US$1,800/oz based on a 10-to-15 year view for precious metals. Discounts applied to the mineral resources include geological losses of 5% for measured, 10% for indicated and 15% for inferred mineral resources to account for geological, data and estimation uncertainty.


The Bilboes Mine mineral resources occur as surface resources constrained by an optimised open pit shell at a fixed gold price of US$2,400/oz in order to eliminate possible future sterlization of mineral resources due placement of surface infrastructure. All estimates have been depleted for mining and current topographical surface. Measured, indicated and inferred mineral resources are declared due to the continuity of the geology and grade as well as a history of proven historical mining. A cut-off of 0.9 g/t was utilized for Bilboes based on a gold price of US$2,400/ oz. Geological losses of 5% were applied to the measured, indicated and inferred mineral resources..





December 31, 2023

In Situ Mineral Resources Exclusive of Mineral Reserves 









Blanket Mine 












(64% attributable)

Measured + Indicated 























(100% attributable)

Measured + Indicated 























(100% attributable)

Measured + Indicated 























(100% attributable)

Measured + Indicated









Total Measured 




Total Indicated 




 1 089

Total Measured + Indicated 




 1 552

Total Inferred 




 1 660

Grand total 




 3 212