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8-K 2020-03-11 Shareholder Vote
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8-K 2019-07-08 Shareholder Rights, Amend Bylaw, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-07-03 Enter Agreement, M&A, Sale of Shares, Shareholder Rights, Amend Bylaw, Regulation FD, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-07-02 Other Events, Exhibits
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8-K 2019-04-10 Amend Bylaw, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-04-10 Other Events, Exhibits
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8-K 2019-02-19 Shareholder Vote
8-K 2019-02-15 Exhibits
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8-K 2018-12-21 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-20 Shareholder Rights, Amend Bylaw, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-19 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-18 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-13 Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-12 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-12-03 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-11-30 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-11-23 Enter Agreement, Exhibits
8-K 2018-11-15 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-11-15 Enter Agreement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-10-29 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-10-15 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-09-27 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-09-26 Enter Agreement, M&A, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-09-24 Enter Agreement, Exhibits
8-K 2018-09-10 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-08-03 Enter Agreement, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-07-27 Accountant, Exhibits
8-K 2018-07-25 Amend Bylaw, Exhibits
8-K 2018-07-17 Exhibits
8-K 2018-07-12 Enter Agreement, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-07-10 Officers
8-K 2018-07-09 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-06-21 Sale of Shares, Officers, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-06-13 Regulation FD, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-05-25 Enter Agreement, Sale of Shares, Officers, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-05-22 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-05-14 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-04-10 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-04-05 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-03-14 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-03-09 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-03-02 Amend Bylaw, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-03-02 Enter Agreement, Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-02-22 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-31 Enter Agreement, Off-BS Arrangement, Sale of Shares, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-22 Enter Agreement, M&A, Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-22 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-10 Officers, Amend Bylaw, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-09 Officers, Shareholder Vote, Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2017-12-01 Enter Agreement, Exhibits

Camber Energy Financials

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Camber Energy, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is based in Houston, Texas. We are currently primarily engaged in the acquisition, development and sale of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids from various known productive geological formations, including from the Hunton formation in Lincoln, Logan, Payne and Okfuskee Counties, in central Oklahoma; the Cline shale and upper Wolfberry shale in Glasscock County, Texas; and Hutchinson County, Texas, in connection with our Panhandle acquisition which closed in March 2018 (described below). Incorporated in Nevada in December 2003 under the name Panorama Investments Corp., the Company changed its name to Lucas Energy, Inc., effective June 9, 2006, and effective January 4, 2017, the Company changed its name to Camber Energy, Inc. After the divestiture of our Oklahoma and South Texas properties during fiscal 2018 and 2019, as discussed in further detail below, we initiated discussions with several potential acquisition and merger candidates to diversify our operations. In May 2019, we entered into a non-binding letter of intent (“LOI”) to acquire Lineal Star Holdings, LLC. (“Lineal”), a specialty construction and oil and gas services enterprise providing services to the energy industry. Whether or not the Lineal transaction closes, the Company intends to pursue additional acquisitions in the energy services industry sector to diversify operations.

The Lineal transaction, which is an all-stock transaction, is subject to customary closing conditions, confirmation of final transaction documents and transaction terms, including confirmation of the structuring of the transaction to be on a tax free basis, and other conditions, including, but not limited to final documents with our Series C Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock (“Series C Preferred Stock”) holder amending the Series C Preferred Stock to alter the conversion rights thereof, and obtaining the requisite NYSE American approval of the transaction terms and agreements, which conditions may not be satisfied in a timely manner, if at all. The transaction contemplates the issuance of a new series of convertible preferred stock which will be convertible into 67-70% of our fully diluted common stock after stockholder approval, as required under the applicable NYSE American rules and requirements. Upon receipt of shareholder approval, it is contemplated that the shareholders of Lineal will have voting control of the Company.

On December 30, 2015, the Company entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (as amended from time to time, the “Asset Purchase Agreement”) to acquire, from twenty-three different entities and individuals (the “Sellers”), working interests in producing properties and undeveloped acreage (the “Acquisition”), which acquisition transaction was completed on August 25, 2016. The assets acquired include varied interests in two largely contiguous acreage blocks in the liquids-rich Mid-Continent region. In connection with the closing of the acquisition, we assumed approximately $30.6 million of commercial bank debt, issued 520,387 shares of common stock to certain of the Sellers, issued 552,000 shares of Series B Preferred Stock to one of the Sellers and its affiliate, and paid $4,975,000 in cash to certain of the Sellers. The effective date of the Acquisition was April 1, 2016.

Valuation ($MM)

Market Cap, Enterprise Value

Balance Sheet ($MM)

Assets, Equity

Income Statement ($MM Quarterly)

Revenue, G Profit, Net Income

Cash Flow ($MM Quarterly)

Ops, Inv, Fin

Comps ($'000 TTM) Market Cap Gross Margin EV/EBITDA Ret on Assets Assets Liabilities Revenue G Profit Net Income EBITDA EV
Camber Energy (CEI) 178 22% 0.7 -15% 31,188 6,153 6,738 1,481 -4,638 -4,308 -3,080
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT)
Sabine Royalty Trust (SBR)
SandRidge Permian Trust (PER)
Obsidian Energy (OBE)
ECA Marcellus Trust I (ECT)
Penn Virginia Corporation (PVAC)
Baytex Energy Corp (BTE)
Permianville Royalty Trust (PVL)
Cenovus Energy (CVE)
Pembina Pipeline (PBA)
Transglobe Energy (TGA)
SandRidge Mississippian Trust I (SDT)
SandRidge Mississippian Trust II (SDR)
Precision Drilling Corporation (PDS)
Marine Petroleum Trust (MARPS)
Crescent Point Energy Corporation (CPG)
Vermilion Energy (VET)
Enerplus Corporation (ERF)
PermRock Royalty Trust (PRT)

Balance Sheet ($'000)2011-06-302011-09-302011-12-312012-03-312012-06-302012-09-302012-12-312013-03-312013-06-302013-09-302013-12-312014-03-312014-06-302014-09-302014-12-312015-03-312015-06-302015-09-302015-12-312016-03-312016-06-302016-09-302016-12-312017-03-312017-06-302017-09-302017-12-312018-03-312018-06-302018-09-302018-12-312019-03-312019-06-302019-09-30
Accounts Receivable6676855871,4177521,6781,02583372957870260961148934417116013593941651,7152,1121,2181,1041,0521,43064768352711291243,337
Accounts Payable9392,2405,2328,6055,4525,2735,6193,6973,2423,0022,6102,5551,9392,2612,8412,4372,4712,4102,6492,4242,5853,5732,6913,0943,9034,3283,4192,9723,8963,4881,9341,5211,3862,161
Long-Term Debt49403225167001256,2075,3995,5154,521006,80350,50946,52847,05143,95947,92837,93837,43937,4394951,575
Stockholders' Equity21,23125,30131,51329,11833,08833,29030,91130,34329,69531,66030,70729,68430,37228,89627,64426,60525,61324,92324,1812,4011,82017,74122,215-10,569-13,305-19,471-23,615-26,963-28,1322,2977,6286,1755,1914,917
Income Statement ($'000)2011-06-302011-09-302011-12-312012-03-312012-06-302012-09-302012-12-312013-03-312013-06-302013-09-302013-12-312014-03-312014-06-302014-09-302014-12-312015-03-312015-06-302015-09-302015-12-312016-03-312016-06-302016-09-302016-12-312017-03-312017-06-302017-09-302017-12-312018-03-312018-06-302018-09-302018-12-312019-03-312019-06-302019-09-30
Cost of Revenue4,897
Gross Profit1,481
Net Income-884-2,098-2,153-2,466-1,907-1,275-2,747-620-945244-1,131-1,053-1,254-1,489-1,307-1,079-1,032-953-1,023-22,442-1,370-50,805-4,398-32,549-3,049-6,246-9,097-6,380-3,51228,813-1,586-1,487-1,288-277
Cash Flow ($'000)2011-06-302011-09-302011-12-312012-03-312012-06-302012-09-302012-12-312013-03-312013-06-302013-09-302013-12-312014-03-312014-06-302014-09-302014-12-312015-03-312015-06-302015-09-302015-12-312016-03-312016-06-302016-09-302016-12-312017-03-312017-06-302017-09-302017-12-312018-03-312018-06-302018-09-302018-12-312019-03-312019-06-302019-09-30
Cash Operating199-2,283988-2,265-100-1,098-338-279-1,575-742-1,008-359-779-305-86-308-272-445-467-884-751-1,899-3,628-115-415-2,931-2,147-1,246-587-1,585-1,299-1,410
Cash Investing-1,871-2,779-135912-5,473-7603,747-2,889-958-2,023-1,946-482-851-23267-134367-99-15-69-49-5,968-590-2,245-247996-881-904-1,72091-75-135
Cash Financing-105,753-78-2185,5681,505-82-352,4306,598225-871,814-74-2213422502834839006638,6685,3361,085-172,7972,8412,0007,0000