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10-K 2020-03-13 Annual: 2019-12-31
10-Q 2019-11-08 Quarter: 2019-09-30
10-Q 2019-08-09 Quarter: 2019-06-30
10-Q 2019-05-09 Quarter: 2019-03-31
10-K 2019-04-18 Annual: 2018-12-31
10-Q 2018-11-08 Quarter: 2018-09-30
10-Q 2018-08-09 Quarter: 2018-06-30
10-Q 2018-05-10 Quarter: 2018-03-31
10-K 2018-03-16 Annual: 2017-12-31
10-Q 2017-11-09 Quarter: 2017-09-30
10-Q 2017-08-09 Quarter: 2017-06-30
10-Q 2017-05-10 Quarter: 2017-03-31
10-K 2017-03-16 Annual: 2016-12-31
10-Q 2016-11-09 Quarter: 2016-09-30
10-Q 2016-08-09 Quarter: 2016-06-30
10-Q 2016-05-10 Quarter: 2016-03-31
10-K 2016-03-15 Annual: 2015-12-31
10-Q 2015-11-09 Quarter: 2015-09-30
10-Q 2015-08-10 Quarter: 2015-06-30
10-Q 2015-05-11 Quarter: 2015-03-31
10-K 2015-03-16 Annual: 2014-12-31
10-Q 2014-11-10 Quarter: 2014-09-30
10-Q 2014-08-11 Quarter: 2014-06-30
10-Q 2014-05-12 Quarter: 2014-03-31
10-K 2014-03-17 Annual: 2013-12-31
10-Q 2013-11-12 Quarter: 2013-09-30
10-Q 2013-08-09 Quarter: 2013-06-30
10-Q 2013-05-09 Quarter: 2013-03-31
10-K 2013-03-14 Annual: 2012-12-31
10-Q 2012-11-07 Quarter: 2012-09-30
10-Q 2012-08-09 Quarter: 2012-06-30
10-Q 2012-05-07 Quarter: 2012-03-31
10-Q 2011-11-10 Quarter: 2011-09-30
10-Q 2011-08-16 Quarter: 2011-06-30
10-Q 2011-06-13 Quarter: 2011-03-31
8-K 2020-03-11 Earnings, Exhibits
8-K 2020-03-10 Earnings, Exhibits
8-K 2020-02-28 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2020-02-11 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2020-02-10 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-12-31 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-12-20 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-12-06 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-11-15 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-11-13 Accountant, Exhibits
8-K 2019-11-06 Earnings, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-10-21
8-K 2019-10-15 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-10-07 Regulation FD, Exhibits
8-K 2019-08-07 Earnings, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-07-30 Amend Bylaw, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-07-17 Officers
8-K 2019-06-05 Shareholder Vote
8-K 2019-06-04 Officers
8-K 2019-05-08 Earnings, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2019-04-17 Enter Agreement, Officers
8-K 2019-04-02 Exhibits
8-K 2019-04-02 Other Events
8-K 2019-03-14 Enter Agreement, Leave Agreement, Earnings, Officers, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-11-07 Earnings, Exhibits
8-K 2018-08-08 Earnings, Exhibits
8-K 2018-05-30 Shareholder Vote
8-K 2018-05-22 Officers
8-K 2018-05-08 Earnings, Exhibits
8-K 2018-03-13 Earnings, Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-02-02 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-17 Other Events, Exhibits
8-K 2018-01-10 Regulation FD, Exhibits

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Our investment philosophy is based on a disciplined approach of identifying potentially high-growth emerging companies across several key industry themes which may include, among others, social mobile, cloud computing and big data, internet commerce, sustainability and education technology. GSV Asset Management's investment decisions are based on a disciplined analysis of available information regarding each potential portfolio company's business operations, focusing on the company's growth potential, the quality of recurring revenues and cash flow and cost structures, as well as an understanding of key market fundamentals. Venture capital funds or other financial or strategic sponsors have invested in the vast majority of the companies that GSV Asset Management evaluates.

We seek to deploy capital primarily in the form of non-controlling equity and equity-related investments, including common stock, warrants, preferred stock and similar forms of senior equity, which may or may not be convertible into a portfolio company's common equity, and convertible debt securities with a significant equity component. Typically, our preferred stock investments are non-income producing, have different voting rights than our common stock investments and are generally convertible into common stock at our discretion.

We seek to create a low-turnover portfolio that includes investments in companies representing a broad range of investment themes.

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Safeco (SAF)
Golub Capital BDC (GBDC)
Tekla Healthcare Investors (HQH)
GSV Capital (GSVC)
Central Securities Corporation (CET)
Pet DRx (VETS)
BlackRock TCP Capital (TCPC)
Firsthand Technology Value Fund (SVVC)
Storage Technology (STK)
Pioneer (PIO)
Pelican Financial (PFI)
Financial Federal (FIF)
Source Capital (SOR)
Gladstone Investment (GAIN)
CM Finance (CMFN)
Hercules Capital (HTGC)
BancorpSouth Bank (BXS)
Ares Capital (ARCC)
Flag Financial (FLAG)

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