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Sky Solar Holdings
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$0.00 420 $248
20-F 2019-05-15 Annual: 2018-12-31
20-F 2018-04-27 Annual: 2017-12-31
20-F 2017-05-15 Annual: 2016-12-31
20-F 2016-05-02 Annual: 2015-12-31
20-F 2015-04-29 Annual: 2014-12-31

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We are a Cayman Islands holding company and conduct all of our business through and derive all of our income from our investment holding subsidiaries and operating subsidiaries in various countries around the world. In 2007, our director and former chief executive officer, Mr. Su, already a successful businessman and founder of a few solar companies in China, made investments in Europe and began to develop renewable energy power parks in Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain. Beginning in 2009, he expanded his investments to Japan, Canada and the United States, focusing on the construction and operation of solar parks. A number of these ventures became part of our current operations.

In 2009, Mr. Su incorporated Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. in the Cayman Islands as a vehicle to consolidate his interests in various ventures involving solar parks and to facilitate capital-raising activities. Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. was the immediate holding company of Sky Solar Power Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands before our establishment. In 2009, we connected our first projects in the Czech Republic. In 2011, we expanded into Latin America. In 2012, we shifted our focus to IPP and commenced our strategic operations in South Africa. On August 19, 2013, in order to facilitate the listing of the business, Mr. Su incorporated our company under our former name Sky Power Holdings, Ltd., as a listing vehicle and concurrently we became the holding company of Sky Solar Power Ltd. The immediate holding company of our company was Sky Power Group Ltd., which was incorporated on June 24, 2013 as an exempted company with limited liability in the Cayman Islands. On June 26, 2014, we changed the name of Sky Power Holdings Ltd. to Sky Solar Holdings, Ltd.

In September 2013, Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. and Sky Power Group, Ltd. completed a one-for-one share swap, or the 2013 Share Swap. Upon completion of the 2013 Share Swap, shareholders holding approximately 94.8% of the equity interest in Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., on an as-converted basis, as well as convertible promissory noteholders of Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., exchanged their interest in Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. for an equivalent equity interest in the corresponding classes of shares or in the form of convertible promissory notes in Sky Power Group, Ltd., on an as-converted and one-share-to-one-share basis. The attributable interests of the shareholders and convertible promissory noteholders of Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. in our company remained the same before and after the 2013 Share Swap.

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Comps ($'000 TTM) Market Cap Gross Margin EV/EBITDA Ret on Assets Assets Liabilities Revenue G Profit Net Income EBITDA EV
Azure Power Global (AZRE) 463,752 0% 108,863,760 83,466,509 0 0 0 0 56,261,359
Atlantic Power (AT) 328,440 0% 2.6 3% 994,500 803,700 288,000 0 27,400 99,300 255,640
Sky Solar Holdings (SKYS) 247,532 0% 585,217 507,010 0 0 0 0 247,532
Ellomay Capital (ELLO) 83,482 0% 211,160 134,203 0 0 0 0 47,498
EnSync (ESNC) 19,724 22% -1.5 -116% 10,182 4,237 10,658 2,370 -11,850 -11,583 17,074
Eastern Light Capital (ELC) 18,500 0% -144.3 -3% 4,951 2,214 46 0 -141 -141 20,355
Ocean Power Technologies (OPTT) 11,658 -90% 0.2 -74% 16,159 3,331 803 -724 -12,031 -11,542 -1,829
Georgia Power Company (GPJA)
Entergy Texas (EZT)
Energy Co of Minas Gerais (CIG)
Entergy Mississippi (EMP)
TransAlta Corporation (TAC)
Entergy Arkansas (EAB)
Fortis (FTS)
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVC)
Clearway Energy (CWEN)
Entergy Arkansas (EAE)
Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN)
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVE) 0 0% -0.4 2% 48,275,000 37,227,000 11,264,000 0 728,000 728,000 -323,000
Entergy Louisiana (ELJ)

Balance Sheet ($'000)2017-12-312018-12-31
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Long-Term Debt
Stockholders' Equity
Income Statement ($'000)2017-12-312018-12-31
Cost of Revenue23,20130,262
Gross Profit33,53234,407
Net Income-33,050-22,120
Cash Flow ($'000)2017-12-312018-12-31
Cash Operating
Cash Investing
Cash Financing