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We are a specialty finance company focused on providing senior secured loans to high-growth, innovative venture capital-backed companies in a variety of technology, life sciences and sustainable and renewable technology industries. We source our investments through our principal office located in Palo Alto, CA, as well as through our additional offices in Boston, MA, New York, NY, Washington, DC, Hartford, CT, Westport, CT, Chicago, IL, and San Diego, CA.

Our goal is to be the leading structured debt financing provider for venture capital-backed companies in technology-related industries requiring sophisticated and customized financing solutions. Our strategy is to evaluate and invest in a broad range of technology-related industries including technology, drug discovery and development, biotechnology, life sciences, healthcare, and sustainable and renewable technology and to offer a full suite of growth capital products. We focus our investments in companies active in the technology industry sub-sectors characterized by products or services that require advanced technologies, including, but not limited to, computer software and hardware, networking systems, semiconductors, semiconductor capital equipment, information technology infrastructure or services, internet consumer and business services, telecommunications, telecommunications equipment, renewable or alternative energy, media and life sciences. Within the life sciences sub-sector, we generally focus on medical devices, bio-pharmaceutical, drug discovery, drug delivery, health care services and information systems companies. Within the sustainable and renewable technology sub-sector, we focus on sustainable and renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency and monitoring technologies. We refer to all of these companies as "technology-related" companies and intend, under normal circumstances, to invest at least 80% of the value of our total assets in such businesses.

We invest primarily in structured debt with warrants and, to a lesser extent, in senior debt and equity investments. We invest primarily in private companies but also have investments in public companies. We use the term "structured debt with warrants" to refer to any debt investment, such as a senior or subordinated secured loan, that is coupled with an equity component, including warrants, options or other rights to purchase common or preferred stock. Our structured debt with warrants investments typically are secured by some or all of the assets of the portfolio company. We also provide "unitranche" loans, which are loans that combine both senior and mezzanine debt, generally in a first lien position.

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