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The Permian Basin Royalty Trust (the "Trust") is an express trust created under the laws of the state of Texas by the Permian Basin Royalty Trust Indenture (the "Trust Indenture") entered into on November 3, 1980, between Southland Royalty Company ("Southland Royalty") and The First National Bank of Fort Worth, as Trustee. Simmons Bank, an Arkansas state-chartered bank ("Simmons Bank"), is now the Trustee of the Trust. The principal office of the Trust (sometimes referred to herein as the "Registrant") is located at 2911 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Suite 850, Dallas, Texas (telephone number (855) 588-7839).

On January 9, 2014, Bank of America N.A. (as successor to The First National Bank of Fort Worth) gave notice to Unit holders that it would be resigning as trustee of the Trust subject to certain conditions that included the appointment of Southwest Bank as successor trustee. At a Special Meeting of Trust Unit holders, the Unit holders approved the appointment of Southwest Bank as successor trustee of the Trust once the resignation of Bank of America N.A. took effect and also approved certain amendments to the Trust Indenture. The effective date of Bank of America N.A.'s resignation and the effective date of Southwest Bank's appointment as successor trustee was August 29, 2014.

Effective October 19, 2017, Simmons First National Corporation ("SFNC") completed its acquisition of First Texas BHC, Inc., the parent company of Southwest Bank. SFNC is the parent company of Simmons Bank. SFNC merged Southwest Bank with Simmons Bank effective February 20, 2018. The defined term "Trustee" as used herein shall refer to Bank of America N.A. for periods prior to August 29, 2014, and shall refer to Southwest Bank for periods from August 29, 2014 through February 19, 2018 and shall refer to Simmons Bank for periods on and after February 20, 2018.

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